10 Best Low Carb Sonic Drinks Must Try In 2023

Indulging in your favorite drink at Sonic doesn’t mean you have to compromise your diet. Low Carb Sonic Drinks can be the perfect refreshing choice for health-conscious customers. These specially curated beverages ensure to maintain your low-carb diet while satisfying your cravings.

Below I will mention the top ten best low carb Sonic drinks you must try in 2023.

Benefits of Low-Carb Drinks

Sonic has been a popular fast-food restaurant chain since 1953, serving you various delicious food and drinks. You can avoid high-surgery beverages as it has several low-carb drink options which are tempting and delicious.

You will find low-carb Sonic drinks on the extensive side of the menu, and these drinks are made from 100% natural ingredients.

However, You must stick with the small 14 ounces or Medium 20 ounces drink size that is better for some beverages. 

Here are some tricks you can apply to enhance the flavor of the drinks without gaining extra calories. 

  • Add heavy cream for flavor by maintaining calories
  • Order sugar-free syrup drinks
  • Skip the toppings as they are higher in carbs and sugar.

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Top 10 Best Low Carb Sonic Drinks That You Must Try

I have mentioned the top 10 mouthwatering drinks that you will find on the Sonic menu. These drinks are low-carb, worth trying and blending with any meal.  

Sonic DrinksCalories
Black Coffee0 carb
Water0 calories
Diet Limande5 to 15 calories
Powered Mountain Blast18 carbs
Fresh Apple Juice21 carbs
Green mountain Coffee Roaster0 carbs 
Diet cherry limeade1 to 3 carbs
Unsweetened Ice tea0 carbs
Sugar-free Soda0 carbs
Sugar-free Flavour Add Ins0 carbs

Best Low Carb Drinks You Will Find on Sonic

You must try the low-carb drinks at the Sonic drive-in as they are tasty and fit your budget. I have mentioned the ten best low-carb beverages below. 

Low Carb Sonic Drinks

Black Ice Coffee

You can have a healthy and low-carb black ice coffee at Sonic drive-in; when you remember the black coffee, this one will definitely cross your mind. Also, you can add some sugar-free vanilla syrup as it melts in your mouth.

As an alternative and satisfying your coffee carving, this black ice coffee is perfect for summer or hot days while keeping you in ketosis. 

Pro Tip: I suggest adding some heavy cream, which contains no crabs and goes great with black iced coffee. 


With multiple healthy benefits and helping you stay hydrated, water is the best drink you can order at Sonic. You can have a bottle of water or even water with an ice cup, as sonic water has cute ice pebbles.

Even you can add some sugar-free flavor, such as ocean water in your water, as it tastes delicious, which you love on summer days. 

Pro Tip: Ask the Sonic server to add some lime to your plain water for a better taste. 

Diet Limeade

Diet Limeade

You must try lemonades at Sonic as it is very popular for freshly slushed drinks and has one of the best diet limeades. It is made from freshly sliced limes and Zero Sprite, making it a low-carb drink that tastes heavenly.

Diet lemonade is so refreshing that it goes with any low-carb meal and even fries or burgers. Moreover, it’s a great afternoon drink, but you can ask for sugar-free add-ins as they can increase the flavor without any extra charge.

Pro tip: You can experiment with your limeade by adding crushed mints to boost the flavor. 

Powdered Mountain Blast

Powder mountain blast drink is totally opposite of what it sounds like, and you get refreshed after having it at Sonic.

You will fall in love with this drink’s blue ocean color, which tastes great when served with crushed ice.

You get through the afternoon as it contains high electrolytes, which energize your body. However, having it in a small cup for low carbs is better. 

Fresh Apple juice

Refreshing and tempting apple juice is not only for kids, but you can enjoy it too. You can have this minute-maid apple juice at Sonic, made from 100% natural ingredients.

This red drink looks super delicious and goes with any low-carb or high-carb combo meal. 

Pro Tip: Sonic has multiple sugar-free add-ins, but you can choose cherry add-ins to enhance the flavor.

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster

This appetizing green mountain coffee roaster drink is outstanding, with lots of flavors. It tastes slightly smoky, which lingers on your tongue as it is made from refined brewed coffee beans. You can have it with crushed ice in the morning for a quick grab-and-go drink without any carbs.

Pro Tip: You can add one pump of mango sugar-free syrup to settle the bitterness of the coffee.

Diet Cherry Limeade

Diet Cherry Limeade

Diet cherry limeade has low carbs and is one of the popular drinks at Sonic, which you must try. This drink is so refreshing that it will make your day as it is made from fresh limes, Sprite Zero, special sugar-free cherry syrup, and fresh cherries.

You will enjoy this drink as the tartness of the limes and sweet cherry flavor make it perfect for summer days. 

Pro Tip: You can avoid the fresh cherries in your diet cherry limeade as it contains 90 calories.

Unsweetened Ice tea

You must have the unsweetened iced tea made from green tea at Sonic as it is one of the zero-carb drinks.

It is healthier and packed with antioxidants but tastes delicious and is a perfect choice for a keto diet. Unlike sweetened teas, You can have this drink in the afternoon as it’s light and refreshing. 

Pro Tip: You can enjoy plain iced tea or squeeze a lime or lemon to add flavor to your drink.  

Sugar-free Soda

You can order sodas at Sonic as they serve Zero or diet sodas with no carbs and calories. Also, you can add your favorite sugar-free add-ins to make it more fun and add some flavors.

The carbonated Sonic drinks are served with crushed ice to double the taste as you sip it with any meal. But you must ignore regular soda, which has high sugar and carbs. Here are some sodas that you can order:

  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Sprite Zero
  • Coca-cola Zero
  • Diet Coke

Pro Tip: I recommend you try the Sprite Zero with sugar-free cherry flavor, as it tastes fabulous. 

Sugar-free Flavour Add Ins

At Sonic, you will get multiple options of sugar-free add-ins to put in your unsweetened tea, limeade, and other drinks. These artificial flavors have minimal sweetness due to low amounts of sugar, which taste delicious. You can add any sugar-free add-ins to create a desired drink. Here are some options you can add to your beverage or take with crushed ice. 

  • Cherry
  • Blackberry
  • Raspberry
  • Peach
  • Mango

Pro Tip: You can add mango syrup in diet limeade to create a lime and mango splash. Also, this syrup can go with any drink, but you must avoid it with hot coffee. 

Wrap Up

Maximum time, I like Diet Limeade with sugar-free blackberry drinks. However, each one has a different taste and feels. These ten best low-carb drinks are brimming with delicious and exciting flavors that maintain a healthy lifestyle, never compromising taste for health.

John Harvey
John Harvey

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