Best Sugar Free Drinks At Sonic | 10 Options To Try Today

A Mouthwatering drink in your driveway while starting your day or after the day’s exhaustion can boost the productivity level of the entire day. Besides, the refreshingly delicious drink can re-energize you.

Talking about refreshment drinks, Sonic Drive-In is the first name that may come to your mind. Sonic has been the best choice for people who love sugary drinks.

But did you know you can get the best sugar free drinks at Sonic too? Yes, you don’t have to compromise your health to taste the deliciousness of Sonic drinks. 

Let’s dive into the details to learn what sugar free options Sonic offers the health conscious. 

Sugar Free Drinks Options At Sonic

Before learning about Sonic sugar free drinks, let’s have a quick look at the table to understand how many calories each drink can contain. You’ll get both zero calorie and low calorie options in Sonic drinks.

Diet Limeade5-15 Cal
Diet Cherry Limeade15-25 Cal
Minute Maid® 100% Apple Juice Box80 Cal
Green Mountain Coffee0 Cal
Diet Sodas5 Cal
Unsweetened Iced Tea0 Cal
Real Fruit Flavor Add-Ins0-5 Cal
Peach Unsweetened Tea0 Cal
Water0 Cal
Diet Slushies180-200 Cal

10 Best Sugar Free Drinks You Can Try In Sonic 

In the first place, you might get confused while ordering a sugar free drink at Sonic. It is because they have got multiple similar yet different options. Here are some of the best low- and zero calorie drinks you can order.

1. Diet Limeade

You can also call it Sonic’s trademark drink. Diet Limeade is a classic drink by Sonic, which is the favourite choice among health-conscious people. 

The drink is made with Sprite Zero and freshly squeezed limes. 

As an alternative, you can also order the drink with artificial limeade juice and added flavours. For the sweetening option, usually, they use Sugar. However, you can order it low-calorie or sugar free.

2. Diet Cherry Limeade

The second best sugar free drink is Diet Cherry Limeade. It is an added flavour version of the previous diet limeade. This drink is made with real lime, low calorie diet cherry flavour, Sprite Zero and lime fruit served with ice.

Order this drink at Sonic if you want to taste both the sourness of lime and the sweetness of cherry altogether.

3. Minute Maid® 100% Apple Juice Box

It is a pre-packaged Apple juice available at any Sonic shop. The base of this drink is real Apple fruit juice and added flavours. Although the drink isn’t zero calories, it gets you way less calories than other sweetened drinks.

4. Green Mountain Coffee

It is a pre-packaged Apple juice available at any Sonic shop. The base of this drink is real Apple fruit juice and added flavours. Although the drink isn’t zero calories, it gets you way less calories than other sweetened drinks.

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5. Diet Sodas

Zero calorie sodas like Diet Coke, Diet Sprite, Sprite Zero, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Dr Pepper etc, are available in the Diet Soda category. You can enjoy the drinks with Sonic’s special ice.

You can order these sodas with added sugar free flavours to give them a boost in taste.

6. Unsweetened Iced Tea

This drink is a healthier tea choice for people who are barely allowed to drink tea. The unsweetened iced tea is enriched with antioxidants and can be served with added sugar free artificial flavours. 

7. Real Fruit Flavor Add-Ins

If it is your first visit to Sonic and you’re confused about which drink to order, you can play around with their real fruit flavour add-ins. You can order a diet limeade or unsweetened tea with added sugar free flavours like Blackberry, Diet Cherry, Mango, Peach and Raspberry.

8. Peach Unsweetened Tea

When you order the unsweetened tea with added peach flavour, it forms the peach unsweetened tea. You can also order the tea in a Mango or multiple flavours simultaneously.

9. Water

Some may not consider water as a Sonic drink. But, you will feel the difference between Sonic water served with their special ice and regular water. It is their ice that makes water taste like an amazing drink.

10. Diet Slushies

Diet slushies are marketed as a diet at Sonic. However, they are not entirely a diet or a sugar free option. The flavours in slushies contain calories and other elements, although you can order them sugar free.

Final Thoughts

I loved all of these sugar-free Sonic drinks. And I recommend mixing half of a sugar-free lemonade mix and half of a Sonic Ocean water to make a delicious drink! It’s tasty and good for your gut!

John Harvey
John Harvey

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