Total Body Enhancement In Planet Fitness: My Experience And Benefits

Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness is great for me. I’ve personally experienced the amazing benefits of the Total Body Enhancement machine.

At first, I was unsure, but my opinion changed completely after seeing many positive reviews on Reddit and Instagram.

When I joined Planet Fitness with a Black Card membership, I found a lot of benefits, like free access to the Total Body Enhancement Machine, free tanning, and hydro massage.

In this article, I’ll share my experience in Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement and the potential benefits of this machine.

Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness is a Blessing for Sure! 

I have always appreciated the Total Body Enhancement machine because its red light therapy treatment form revitalizes my overall body every time. 

However, as a gym-goer, I have had the experience with Planet Fitness’s total body enhancement machine and have been attending it ever since.

I have noticed a lot of praise for it on platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and various forums.

Therefore, I started gymming accordingly and revealed the truth of its appreciation. Honestly, the idea I had before joining here was entirely reversed because I thought it was something horrible for me. 

Furthermore, I joined my local gym and got several extra benefits from having a Planet Fitness Black Card membership. 

I Had Countless Opportunities!

I mentioned earlier that I joined Planet Fitness Body Enhancement with a black card membership.

Other opportunities surprised me because I got free tanning and hydro massage. Moreover, the Total Body Enhancement Machine is free to use.

It uses total body vibration with non-UV red light therapy through a full-body machine and a vibration plate.

I joined more than 1 year ago. Amazingly, I noticed my skin and health improved after a few days. 

Ultimately, there is no way to doubt it yet! So, I am bound to appreciate it now because all of Planet Fitness’s claims about this excellent gym system and features proved true.

Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness Means Endless Benefits

Total Body Enhancement

Nothing more, I want to evaluate total body enhancement at Planet Fitness benefits because I have much to reveal here.

As a regular gym-goer, it offers much to an exerciser or athlete. Therefore, the most attractive benefits are as follows:

  1. Better Muscle Healing 

The body enhancement machine contributes to our muscle recovery from a challenging workout through red light therapy and vibration plates.

It brings the whole body under control by healing and pain management.

  1. Expanded ATP Production

I hope you remember what I said earlier about using red light therapy. It also strengthens the cell by affecting the mitochondria of cells.

As a result, mitochondria play an active role in ATP production more efficiently.

  1. Stimulates Muscle Activity

I always feel relaxed before and after my workout. Usually, I get the best support from Planet Fitness Gym because it stimulates activity by preparing the muscles properly before the workout.

Besides, the machine is beneficial in recovering the muscles after a hard workout.

  1. Fat Loss Improvement

This machine’s red light therapy helps an overweight adult lose fat. The participants lost about 2.1 centimeters in circumference over four weeks.

Furthermore, I have seen evidence of this many times while attending the gym with friends.

  1. Increases skin elasticity

Planet Fitness’s body enhancement machine boosts the exerciser’s collagen and elastin production even more.

I was really surprised because my skin’s elasticity increased gradually, and wrinkles & stretch marks almost disappeared!

Effective Use of Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement

Total Body Enhancement

Knowing how to use the machine properly is essential to improve the workout experience. A user must complete each session according to a plan.

Here, I will give you a clear idea of how I went through the steps:

You should expose your skin as much as possible, as this increases the effectiveness of red light therapy.

Therefore, move the clothes to the comfort store and remove your shoes before entering the machine.

Wear eye sunglasses, although it is not mandatory. While the lamp’s brightness may make many people uncomfortable, sunglasses will comfort you.

Now, enter the booth where the red light is emitted and is surrounded by tubes. Continue to bend your knees slightly to feel comfortable.

Notice the control panel near the door (Music control options, Vibration intensity levels, Fan level settings, Speaker volume settings, and audio guide). You should familiarize yourself with these and operate the controls accordingly.

You will have a 12-minute session running. A red light therapy and a vibrating plate massage will start.

The intensity of the plate vibration will decrease after the scheduled session is over. Now, the session is complete. Put on your clothes, wipe the machine, and leave the room.

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Also, Stay Tuned With Some Tips on Using the Machine and Results!

I like to be very precise when using this Beauty Angel. Unexpectedly, several people still do not succeed.

This is probably because they are missing something! Here are some tips that will help you ensure the best results.

  • Use the machine 2/3 times a week within the 90-day plan.
  • Leave a gap of 24 hours between each session.
  • Pay attention to the timing of the session. Exit the booth when the session is over.
  • If you feel skin irritation while under red light therapy, it is better not to do it.
  • Avoid alcohol and drink enough water.

The Following People Should Avoid Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness

Although I greatly appreciate this machine and the gym system, a few limitations can never be avoided.

You must know that this gym is not for everyone; some are determined to be out of it. Therefore, I will prohibit the following persons from doing so:

  • Those who are sensitive to light
  • Pregnant women
  • If you have recently undergone any surgery
  • People who are taking herbal medicine or taking such medication
  • Adults with diseases of the hips or bones or cardiac problems
  • If someone has epilepsy
  • Those weighing 136+ kg or close to 300 pounds are discouraged from this gym.

I Must Review Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness Unequivocally!

Friends or acquaintances who saw me join Planet Fitness asked for an update. In fact, I took a 90-day plan and regularly used the machine 2/3 times per week for 24 hours.

The initial results disappointed me as I did not see significant results. This was usually due to my alcohol consumption. 

Later, I gave up alcohol and started eating healthy food and water. Surprisingly, I started getting results right away!

Within three months, I noticed that my leg pain had recovered, and I felt more stable physically and mentally.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. I especially love Planet Fitness’s Total Body Enhancement combines fitness technology and wellness for Black Card members.

It integrates Red Light Therapy and Vibration Technology to promote skin rejuvenation, muscle recovery, improved circulation, and relaxation. I hope this proper review will enlighten you.

Matthew Solan
Matthew Solan

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