2468 Diet: Your Complete Guide

The 2468 diet is a weight-loss plan based on consuming drastically different calorie amounts in a four-day cycle.

Dieters ingest 200 calories on the first day, 400 calories on the second day, 600 calories on the third day, and 800 calories on the final day, then the cycle repeats. So it’s a total of 2400 calories.

Although I have tried multiple diet plans, the 2468 diet is the toughest with the fastest results. 

You can shred 10 pounds per month by calculating daily calories and repeating the cycle after five days.

On this page, I will discuss the basics of the 2468 diet, highlighting its benefits, suggesting foods to eat, and providing a few meal plans for anyone considering trying it.

What is The 2468 Diet?

This diet is a popular weight loss program that makes you measure the calories of each meal per day.

You can shred 20 pounds in a week, or in a month as it’s a four-day plan starting from 200 calories to 800 calories. Then you must repeat the cycle and alter meals accordingly. 

Reduction of calories from food helps your metabolism accelerate to exclude body fat. This aids in losing weight as each day you have to customize your meals according to your target.

In my research, I’ve found that 2468 diets may have some side effects, so ensuring and consulting with a doctor is mandatory if you have any medical condition or history.

The 2468 Diet Calories Chart

2468 diets offer incredible results if you are dedicated to this healthy lifestyle. It’s challenging to follow as you need to track every calorie in daily meals, but you will notice incredible outcomes after one week.  

Below, I have mentioned the chart to explain the calorie intake accordingly from the first to the fourth day, but you need to repeat the cycle every fifth day.

Diet PlanCalories
Day 1200 calories 
Day 2400 calories
Day 3600 calories 
Day 4800 calories 

Benefits and Drawbacks

Every diet has some good or bad effects, and a 2468 weight loss plan is one of them.

Here I have mentioned some of the benefits and drawbacks that you must keep in mind. 

2468 Diet

Benefits Of The 2468 Diet

Let’s start by discussing the benefits of 2468 as weight loss isn’t the only advantage, but there are several plus points.

Excluding junk food and other high-calorie foods helps you improve insulin sensitivity and autophagy. 

  • Weight loss

The main focus of this diet is losing weight, which you will achieve within 6 weeks, but you may extend the time limit according to your goal. 

2468 Diet
  • Insulin sensitivity

Insulin is required to lower blood sugar, known as glucose, and reduce the risk of diseases. This diet helps reduce calories, improving insulin sensitivity and the type 2 diabetes condition. 

  • Autophagy (cellular system)

As this diet is restricted to calorie intake and forbids you to eat in between, it helps the natural cellular process to remove damaged cells. Also, this diet helps your body boost renewal cells, leading to numerous health benefits. 

  • Planning Meals

It makes for an easy lifestyle as you don’t need to think or calculate much before eating every day.

You must stick to the diet and plan your meals accordingly with multiple food choices. Here are some of the foods that are my favorite. 

  • Mushroom Spanish Omelet
  • Berry Yogurt Parfait
  • Veggie stir-fry

Drawbacks of The 2468 Diet

Below I’ll share some common drawbacks that people often mention after finishing this diet plan.

  • Maintaining Diet

Everyone has a different eating habit which is related to calorie intake. So it might be difficult for you to maintain a long-term diet plan, which can worsen your condition.

  • Nutrient Deficiencies

Calories are part of the food, and your body needs this substance to work properly. It can be challenging for the first few days, but tracking your food with essential nutrients can help you maintain optimal health. 

  • Muscle Water Loss

Taking proteins while dieting is vital for your body’s strength and maintaining muscle mass, as excessive weight loss might be the reason for the lack of muscle loss, which can impact your metabolism and overall health. 

2468 Diet Menu Plan

This diet is all about measuring calories, so you don’t have to ignore your favorite food. One of the best strategies is planning your meal without exceeding the calorie limit.

However, you must include food rich in vitamins, iron, and proteins to fulfill your body’s nutrients. 

I mention the menu plan for each day so you can follow it for swift weight loss results: 

200 CALORIES ON DAY 1Menu Plan
BreakfastMushroom and egg white omelet with tea
LunchTuna turmeric
DinnerIn small portions, Scallion crust salmon with asparagus herb delight to complete the 200 target for the day.
400 CALORIES ON DAY 2Menu Plan
BreakfastStart with fresh juice with an Avocado rice cake
LunchSmoked salmon with cucumber salad
DinnerGo for protein intake with steamed green beans and tofu Dengaku
600 CALORIES AT DAY 3Menu Plan
BreakfastOne cup of strawberries and cinnamon porridge with Greek yogurt, adding some blueberries to complete your breakfast
LunchCucumber boats with spicy hummus and add green veggie protein smoothie for some extra fiber
DinnerEnjoy egg and tomato soup with some steamed green beans
800 CALORIES ON DAY 4Menu Plan
BreakfastEgg white and mushroom omelet along with toast with berries, basil, and cream cheese
LunchEgg white and mushroom omelet along toast with berries, basil, and cream cheese
DinnerMixed greens with sun-dried tomato dressing and for dessert, have pineapple blueberry bran parfait

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Foods To Eat On 2468 Diet

I focus on eating healthy when I’m on a 2468 diet, and my trick is to personalize the menu plan by including some of these foods.

Research shows that eating 100 grams more of whole fruits daily is linked to an average weight loss of 0.017 kg for overweight people. This data was collected in five European countries.

According to Forbes, these foods are best to lose weight, taste delicious, and balance your body’s nutrient requirements. 


Vegetables are full of protein, vitamins, and high fiber to maintain the digestive system.

Also, adding dark green leafy vegetables is a brilliant idea to prepare tempting meals with limited calories. 

  • Broccoli
  • Brussels
  • Cabbage
  • Celery


Various fruits are great for weight loss most of them are low in calories. With proper fiber, nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin C, and even prebiotic resistance can nourish your body.

You can stay hydrated and prevent blood sugar issues by including fruits in a diet. 

  • Berries
  • Unripe Banana
  • Apples
  • Avocados


Nuts contain healthy fats, fibers, and minerals to keep you full throughout the day.

Although these have high calories, you must take a minimum of around 30g. Indeed nuts are an excellent option as a snack because these aid in balancing blood sugar and boost your energy. 

  • Peanuts
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • pistachios

Is 2468 Dangerous for Health?

Losing weight overnight or in the shortest time, then the 2468 diet is a superb option as it is designed to help you.

People have been trying this diet, but none of the severe health cases are reported. However, overeating or ignoring your body’s reaction to this diet can worsen your condition and health.

Diets that include eating nutritious food can lead to health risks as they squeeze out the water from your muscles.

There is a high chance that limiting calories can be life-threatening or lead to eating disorders.

But a 2468 diet is safe as you will count each calorie with proper nutrients and protein to lose weight for six weeks. 

However, I found that this diet can lead to muscle weight loss as it has minimum vitamins and minerals, which might end up in high-calorie cravings.

And you might face some minor other problems after or while on this diet, such as brittle nails, hair loss, and dry skin. 

My Recommendation: It is best to sidestep from the 2468 diet if you have the mentioned health conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Eating disorder
  • Organ failure

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Final Verdicts

So there you have it. By following a four-day cycle ranging from 200 to 800 calories, you can lose weight swiftly. Consulting a dietitian before starting is a wise step to ensure it’s safe for your health.

This diet involves cycling between low and higher-calorie days, which can help boost metabolism and shed pounds.


Is the 2468 Diet effective for weight loss?

Researchers claim that the 2468 Diet can be effective for weight loss due to its calorie-cycling approach.

However, it’s essential to note that extreme calorie restriction may not be sustainable or healthy in the long term, and personal results may vary.

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Matthew Solan

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