Sonic Sugar Free Slush: 10 Things to know

Avoiding sugar in Slushes is a critical thing as Slush base contains Sugar. When it comes to Sonic, they are famous for their sugary drinks and slushes, right?

So, you can’t get a total sugar-free slush at Sonic. The main reason is the Slush base contains a minimum of 48 grams of Sugar

However, with a little tweak, you can order low-sugar Slushes at Sonic. Moreover, there are other low-calorie drinking options you can get at any Sonic venue.

This guide discusses Sonic’s 10 sugar-free slushes with calories. Here I will share our research based on Sonic nutrition facts and provide important tips if you are considering trying them.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush With Calories

A very clear thing about Sonic Slushes is that they use Splenda for any slush base, whether it is sugar-free or with added sugar.

For your information, Splenda is a sugar substitute made from high fructose corn syrup.

That means you’ll get a minimum of 48g-51g of Sugar even in the sugar-free slush. So, you can’t absolutely cut sugar when ordering a Slush at Sonic.

Besides Sugar, knowing how many calories you have with several drinks is crucial. Follow the sonic sugar free slush table below to get an idea about it. 

SlushesExpected Calorie
Raspberry Lemonade Slush270-280 Cal
Blue – Coconut Slush250-270 Cal
Cherry Slush260-280 Cal
Mango Slush250-270 Cal
Peach Slush250-270 Cal
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slush250-270 Cal
Grape Slush280-290 Cal
Tropical Colada Slush250-270 Cal
Polynesian Punch Slush270-280 Cal
Mango Lemonade Slush250-280 Cal

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10 Best Sugar Free Slushes You Can Order At Sonic

Here is a list of the best Slushes at Sonic. Gradually exploring them, I will let you know how to order them in a low sugar form. 

1. Raspberry Lemonade Slush

Raspberry lemonade slush differs from a drink you will directly find on the Sonic menu.

Many thanks to them for allowing their customers to make custom drink orders. 

Order a real fruit lemonade and ask them to make it with a Slush base, then add sugar free raspberry syrup.

This will get you the real taste of a raspberry slush without regretting having too much sugar.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

2. Blue – Coconut Slush

It is a direct drink you can find on Sonic’s menu. However, you can order it in a low sugar version asking them to add sugar free syrups only.

You can also ask them to use the sweetener less in amount. 

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

3. Cherry Slush

At Sonic, you can order a Cherry Slush as it is, but to avoid excessive sugar, make some modifications instead.

Ask them to make your slush with diet cherry syrup instead of real cherry and high in sugar cherry syrup. 

Then you will get a diet cherry slush meaning a luscious taste without hurting your health.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

4. Mango Slush

The ordering process for Mango Slush goes the same as the Cherry Slush. Order the drink with a sugar free mango syrup to avoid sugar as best possible.

Besides, ask them to use fewer sweeteners or, if drinkable, no sweeteners.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

5. Peach Slush

Ordering the Peach Slush as it is from Sonic’s menu will get you a drink with high calories and sugar.

To lessen the sugar, order it with a sugar free syrup.

Besides, you can ask for add-in sugar free flavors added to the drink to energize your tastebuds.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

6. Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slush

You all know about the great energy drink Powerade Mountain Berry Blast.

One bottle(2 oz) of it already contains 20g of Sugar, which means having it as a Slush contains more Sugar.

While ordering it, ask to make it as plain as possible. You can order it without sweetener or decreased sweetener as well.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

7. Grape Slush

The base of this drink is pure Grapefruits. At Sonic, they serve the drink with a slush base and heavy sugar syrup, then call it a grape slush.

While ordering, be wise and ask them to bring you a plain slush without real grape juice, instead of with grape flavor syrup.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

8. Tropical Colada Slush

This drink on the list can bring you a unique taste of missed coconut, pineapple, and banana flavors.

As the slush is already made of sweet fruits, order it wisely with no added sugar or sweetener to cut on sugar.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

9. Polynesian Punch Slush

It is a Hawaiian-inspired fruity slush that is served with Sonic special ice. Note that this drink includes a lot of fruit flavor in the shape of syrup.

You can order it unsweetened or with a zero sugar substitute.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

10. Mango Lemonade Slush

Again, it is not a direct on-the-menu drink at Sonic. You have to order a Lemonade with added zero sugar mango flavor syrup.

To light up the tarty fruity taste, you can add sugar free add-in flavors too in this drink, like Blackberry, Diet Cherry, Peach, etc.

Sonic Sugar Free Slush

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Sonic Sugar Free Slush Nutrition Facts

The nutritional values of Sonic’s sugar-free slush beverages distinctly differ according to the size of the serving.

The smallest serving, a small Plain Slush, has a calorific measurement of 180 calories. Medium-caliber Plain Slush, in contrast, contains around 240 calories.

Consumers looking for a larger serving will find the large Plain Slush has a significantly higher calorie content, about 380 calories.

However, their RT 44 variant of the Plain Slush is the highest caloric offering, with an impressive 540 calories.

In my opinion, these measurements pertain solely to the Plain Slush without any added syrup.

For more details, check out Sonic Nutritional Information.

Wrap Up

It’s clear that Sonic offers a variety of Slushes, all of which contain sugar, but some have lower sugar content.

Despite this, I still love Sonic for their delicious slushies. Whether you prefer the regular or lower-sugar options, Sonic’s slushies are a refreshing treat everyone can enjoy.

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