11 Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks That You Must Know

For those watching their calorie intake or seeking to maintain a healthier lifestyle, navigating the menu at their favorite coffee shop may seem daunting.

However, at Biggby Coffee, several low-calorie drink options taste great and won’t sabotage your health goals. Basically, I’m Addicted to lowest calorie Biggby Coffee. Here are my top picks :

  • Espresso
  • Hot or Iced tea
  • Red eye
  • Hazelnut iced Coffee
  • Iced coffee
  • Kickin Berry Blast Red Bull Mocktail
  • Café au Lait
  • Cappuccino
  • Raspberry Iced Tea
  • Strawberry Punch Red Bull Mocktail – Sugar-Free
  • Americano

These distinctively flavored beverages are designed to satiate your taste buds while controlling your calorie intake.

This article talks about the Biggby drinks with the lowest calories and I will tell you how many calories they have and give some important tips if you’re thinking about trying them.

Brief of Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

Weight-loss-friendly drinks are always available at Biggby coffee house, and you will never be disappointed to indulge in delicious drinks without overloading calories.

Biggby is an excellent pick as it has a wide range of high and lowest-calorie beverages to satisfy your cravings. 

It has several delicious but low-calorie beverages reasonably priced, and Biggby allows you to customize your drinks easily.

The Biggby coffee house serves no-calorie or lowest-calorie drinks, with less sugar but high nutrients and antioxidants. 

At Biggby, you will get the lowest-calorie drinks without compromising savoring different types of beverages.

Best Low-Calorie Drinks of Biggby Coffee House 

I suggest you search for drinks in the Traditional menu section containing several low-calorie beverages.

You will find less than 50 to 105 calories or no-calorie drinks on the Tradition menu compared to other drink categories. 

You must choose low-fat milk or sugar-free drinks because these beverages have the lowest calories and are taste-tempting. Also, I like to customize these drinks with unique add-on flavors such as vanilla, raspberry, and almond without gaining calories. 

Moreover, avoid some add-ins that can increase the calorie amount in your drink. Here are some of them that you must avoid.

  • Whipped cream 
  • Tenacious Tonic Smoothie Base
  • Milk
Drinks Calories
Hot or Iced tea0
Red eye0
Hazelnut iced Coffee68
Iced coffee0
Kickin Berry Blast Red Bull Mocktail114
Café au Lait99.6
Cappuccino 105
Raspberry Iced Tea 100
Strawberry Punch Red Bull Mocktail – Sugar Free99.8

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11 popular Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

These are the 11 most popular lowest-calorie drinks at Biggby. I have mentioned some of my favorite delicious and mouth-watering beverages.

1. Espresso

When you need a short caffeine hit, then espresso is a fantastic option available at Biggby Coffee House. It contains zero calories as it is freshly brewed beans and tastes bitter perfect for your tired day at work.  

Pro-Tip: This drink is zero-calorie so you can add some savor from sugar-free flavors.  

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

2. Iced Tea

For summer, drinking too much caffeine isn’t a good idea, but you can always have iced tea. And for the winter season, you can choose hot tea as both drinks are made from fresh ingredients.

I love this drink without any add-ins or extras because it has no calories and is full of flavors to refresh.

Pro-Tip: You can add minimum milk as an alternative to sugar to sweeten your drink.

3. Red Eye

This one is one of the most popular beverages at Biggby, with zero calories. And they will serve you freshly brewed coffee beans topped with a shot of espresso, making a mind-blowing combination.

The red eye will complete your caffeine desire as it has a strong taste and bold flavor, which you can combine with non-fat milk or sugar-free add-ins.

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

4. Hazelnut Iced Coffee

I love the flavor of Hazelnut, and it’s a great alternative to iced coffee with a twist. The taste of this drink is pumped due to the mixture of hazelnut syrup, so it offers a nutty flavor with the lowest calories.

This refreshing and delicious iced coffee is an excellent alternative if you like nutty flavor drinks.

Pro-tip: You must avoid the whipped cream option as it contains high calories. 

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

5. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is available in high and lowest calories, as you can go for add-ins such as extra sugar or whipped creams.

But for the lowest calorie, you can order unsweetened black iced coffee in a Biggby coffee house as it contains freshly brewed coffee.

Also, this drink tastes a little bitter, which can settle down if you add a splash of non-fat milk to your iced coffee.  

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

6. Kickin Berry Blast Red Bull Mocktail

This drink is an absolute gem for you if you do not like teas or coffee but need a caffeine boost.

Grab this sugar-free version drink as it does not contain alcohol and is made from mint, blackberry, red bull, and blueberries.

Although you will have some fruit-based sweetness in this drink, making it a 100-calorie beverage, avoiding the whipped cream and toppings save you 130 calories. 

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

7. Café au Lait

At Biggby, you can try Cafe au lait, as it’s an excellent weight-loss and lowest-calorie drink option.

This drink is made from French roast and velveted milk, which makes the beverage creamy and sweet. You can try this drink as it is full of flavors but has nine grams of carbs and 100 calories. . 

Pro tip:You can cut down the 66 calories per drink by avoiding whipped cream and asking for non-fat milk. 

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

8. Cappuccino 

You can try Cappuccino as an alternative to Americano and espresso and you will love it as this drink contains a bit of flavor.

This beverage is made from espresso, velvetized milk, and foam which makes you fall in love with this drink.

Thus, Cappuccina contains 105 calories and you can reduce it by replacing the 2% milk with non-fat milk. 

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

9. Raspberry Iced Tea 

It is another popular Biggby drink due to the delicious taste of raspberry that you can enjoy. The sweet and fruity flavor makes it one of my favorite iced teas, but due to sugar and milk, this drink has 100 calories.

You can avoid whipped cream as it adds extra calories to your drink.  

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

10. Strawberry Punch Red Bull Mocktail – Sugar-Free

Although this drink is available in two categories with or without sugar, you must choose the sugar-free drink.

Strawberry punch red bull mocktails contain the lowest calories as it is made from red bull, lemonade, strawberries, and vanilla.

You will love this drink as it has balanced sweetness from fresh strawberries and syrups. 

Lowest Calorie Biggby Drinks

11. Americano

Americano is one of the most uncomplicated drinks you will get at Biggby Coffee House, as it has two main ingredients. It has zero calories because it is made from espresso and water, which can be an excellent alternative for you to avoid other iced drinks.

Also, the taste of this drink is dark and bitter, which makes it a perfect fit for the winter season. 

Pro-Tip: Ensure you avoid add-ons to stay on the low-calorie side. 

Wrap Up

Because the foods Americans eat are very high in calories, we’ve been attempting to diet by eating smaller amounts of foods or drinks with fewer nutrients.

Because of this, I liked all of the low-calorie Biggby drinks above. Their drinks are always so beautiful! And tastes SO GOOD!!

So, the next time you visit Biggby, feel confident in choosing a drink that satisfies your taste buds and supports your healthy lifestyle.

John Harvey
John Harvey

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