8 Best Low Calorie Sonic Drinks You’ll Love

Sonic, America’s beloved drive-in fast-food chain, houses an array of delectable drinks that are both low in calories and immensely satisfying.

Known for their innovative range, everyone can enjoy a mindful list of low-calorie Sonic drinks without sacrificing taste or satisfaction.

On this page, I will discuss the sonic drinks with the lowest calories and I will tell you how many calories they have and give some important tips if you’re thinking about trying them.

Low Calorie Sonic Drinks for Maintaining Your Diet

I always prefer Sonic drive-in beverages while maintaining a diet as they are tempting and low-calorie drinks.

You can avoid high-sugar drinks at Sonic, which leads to many health issues, such as weight gain. At Sonic, you will have options for low-calorie beverages made from natural ingredients with some healthy benefits. 

Moreover, you will love the special crushed ice available in Sonic, but the best part is that it switches the menu according to the weather.

You can complement your low-calorie meal in any season, as summer slushies and ice teas are refreshing, but coffee and other beverages taste delicious in winter. 

That’s why I suggest some of my best low-calorie Sonic drinks which you can enjoy without any guilt. Here is a chart with the calorie of each drink for your convenience.

Unsweetened Iced Tea0
Diet Sodas0
Dr. Pepper0
Diet Cherry Limeade20
Diet Limeade10
Powdered Mountain Berry Blast 110
Apple Juice80
Green Mountain Coffee Roaster0
Diet Green Iced tea0

You can Choose the Best low-Calorie Sonic drinks. 

Sonic serves everything that goes with any meal, and you can choose it depending on your mood.

Caffeine drinks are great for reducing tiredness, whereas lemonade is something you want for refreshment. You can choose nutritious and packed with healthy low-calorie but sweet satisfaction. 

Here are some of the drinks that you can have at Sonic Drive-in. 

  • Soft Drinks
  • Slushes and juices
  • Lemonades & Limeades 
  • Teas and coffee

Top 8 Best low Calorie Sonic Drinks that You Can Prefer

I have mentioned the best low-calorie Sonic drinks, which are healthy, and you can enjoy them in any season.

These beverages aren’t only just refreshing but contain high minerals and vitamins that help to boost your energy.

sonic drinks

Unsweetened Iced Tea

With low calories and full of flavor, unsweetened iced tea is an absolutely heart-winning drink.

You can have it in summer for refreshment as it is made from pebble ice and unsweetened black tea.

This delightful drink is best to fulfill your caffeine desire and boosts your energy after a hectic day. Sonic unsweetened iced tea is delicious, and you will enjoy it as it has slight bitterness without any add-ins. 

Pro-Tip: Putting lemon or lime in your iced tea tastes better, but for low-calorie consumption and to increase the flavor, you can choose peach or diet cherry add-ins. 


Diet Sodas 

You can have diet sodas with any meal as they taste similar to regular soda, but the best part is that they contain zero calories.

Sonic has low-calorie sodas, which you can customize with sugar-free add-ins for extra flavor.

These diet sodas are one of the friendly drinks at Sonic to quench your thirst if you’re not a fan of lemonades. And here are some options you can choose from the diet soda menu. 

  • Sprite Zero
  • Coca-cola Zero
  • Diet Coke

Pro Tip: You can add some blackberry sugar-free add-ins for extra kicking flavor in diet soda. 

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diet sodas

Diet Dr Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper is a guilt-free beverage option for you as it contains zero calories and tastes similar to regular Dr Pepper.

Unlike everyone, I loved the unique flavor of this drink as it tasted sweet and spicy with blends of fruits savor.

You have this tempting drink as it is refreshing as an alternative to diet sodas and goes with a low-calorie meal.  

Pro Tip: You can order diet cherry and peach flavor add-ins, as these flavors have zero calories and are best fit for diet Dr. Pepper.

Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Minute Maid apple juice is hundred percent real and filled with vitamin C benefits which are delicious and loved by children.

But you can have this refreshing drink because it has no artificial ingredients and balanced sweetness, making it a low-calorie drink.

However, this apple juice comes in a box which makes it different from other Sonic drinks. 

Pro-Tip: You can order a glass of pebble ice and pour the apple juice into it, creating a refreshing drink for summer. 

Diet lemonades

Diet lemonades are a great drink as it’s refreshing, and you can have it without thinking twice as it contains zero calories. At Sonic, they make lemonades with all-natural ingredients without any preservatives, so you can enjoy it without worrying about gaining weight.

Also, diet lemonades are refreshing for a scorching hot day and go with any delightful meal. Moreover, there are other sugary-free options from which you can choose add-ins for extra flavor. 

Pro Tip: For a lemonade, you can order peach flavor add-ins as sugar-free and refreshing. 

Powdered Mountain Berry Blast

Powdered Mountain Berry Blast 

There are many slushies on the menu, but powdered mountain berry blast is one of my favorite beverages. And there is no exception to how it melts and blasts flavor in your mouth.

You will love this low-calorie sports drink as it’s not too sweet but tastes slightly tangier. This blue drink is perfect for a low-calorie diet on a hot day to cool down.

Pro Tip: You can add some lime fruit add-ins to relish the tangier flavor with any spicy meal. 

Diet Cherry Lemonade

Diet Cherry Lemonade 

You must order diet cherry lemonades at Sonic drive-ins as it is one of the popular beverages made from natural ingredients. This drink is my go-to splurge due to its sweet and savory taste mixed with limes and zero Sprite.

This pinkish diet cherry lemonade is sugar-free, making it a low-calorie drink. You can have this tempting beverage in summer for refreshment, but there is a drawback as this drink doesn’t contain any nutrients. 

Pro Tip: This drink is delicious, but you can avoid fresh cherries to avoid extra calories. 

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster

At Sonic, your caffeine desire is granted as it has the best hundred percent green mountain Arabica beans. And you will get served freshly brewed hot coffee, which is perfect for freezing weather.

You will love the taste of the slightly bitter roasted beans, making it one of the most mouth-watering drinks. One of my favorites is the attractive, strong, and sweet smell of coffee with zero calories

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Wrap Up

I enjoy trying out various low-calorie waters and have tested all these drinks. If you’re a guy like me looking for low-calorie, zero-sugar options for your kids, you’re in for a treat.

Each SONIC Singles-To-Go Drink Mixes box contains six convenient stick packs that you can easily mix into a 16.9 oz water bottle.

So, the next time you visit Sonic, rest assured that you can sip on the Best Low-Calorie Sonic Drinks, knowing that your taste buds and well-being are equally satisfied.

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