54 Foods That Start With T

Do you like yummy foods that start with the letter T? We’ll start with tasty tacos. People eat 5.8 billion tacos every year. Can you believe that? And tomatoes are amazing too! There are over 10,000 types of tomatoes that are used in many popular dishes.

Here, I’ll talk you through more than 53+ tasty Foods That Start With T and give you tips on flavors, pairings, and the best times to enjoy these treats.

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1. Tacos (Avg. Global Consumption: 5.8 Billion Annually)

I love tacos so much! Tacos are enjoyed all around the world. They are made by mixing seasoned meat, fresh vegetables, and a flavorful sauce. People eat more than 5.8 billion tacos each year.

Foods That Start With T ( Tomatoes )

2. Tomatoes (Varieties: 10,000+)

Tomatoes are the unsung heroes of many dishes. Did you know there are over 10,000 varieties? From juicy heirlooms to plump cherry tomatoes, these little wonders pack a flavorful punch.

3. Tiramisu (Origin: Italy)

Transport yourself to Italy with a classic tiramisu. This delicious dessert has layers of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and mascarpone cheese. It’s loved all around the world.

4. Tofu (Protein Content: 8g per 100g)

Tofu, a versatile plant-based protein, is a staple in many cuisines. With approximately 8g of protein per 100g, it’s a fantastic meat substitute for vegetarians and vegans alike.

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5. Truffles (Cost: $2,000 – $4,000 per pound)

Explore the luxurious world of truffles. These fungi, often found in the wild, can cost a pretty penny—between $2,000 and $4,000 per pound. Their rich, earthy flavor is truly unparalleled.

6. Tempura (Origin: Japan)

Crispy, light, and oh-so-delicious, tempura is a Japanese culinary delight. Whether it’s shrimp, vegetables, or even ice cream, this battered and deep-fried dish is a tempura-lover’s dream.

7. Tangerines (Vitamin C Content: 32 mg per 100g)

Tangerines are a healthy snack. They are bursting with citrusy goodness. They are also a vitamin C powerhouse, providing about 32 mg per 100g. They are a tasty way to get a boost of vitamin C.8. Turmeric (Health Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory)

Spice up your life with turmeric! Known for its vibrant color and anti-inflammatory properties, this golden spice is a kitchen essential. I love adding it to curries and smoothies for an extra health boost.

9. Tabbouleh (Origin: Middle East)

Take your taste buds on a Middle Eastern adventure with tabbouleh. This salad is packed with nutrition and is a great addition to any meal. It has bulgur, tomatoes, and parsley.

10. Tater Tots (Invented: 1953)

Who can resist the crispy, bite-sized goodness of tater tots? Invented in 1953, these little nuggets of joy have since become a beloved side dish, perfect for both kids and adults.

11. Tequila (Derived From: Blue Agave)

Cheers to tequila! Derived from the blue agave plant, this spirited beverage has a rich history in Mexico. It’s the main ingredient in iconic cocktails like the Margarita and the Tequila Sunrise.

12. Tapioca Pudding (Popular in: Brazil)

Satisfy your sweet tooth with tapioca pudding. This creamy delight is popular in Brazil. It is made from tapioca pearls and coconut milk. The dessert is comforting and exotic.

13. Tzatziki (Calories: Approx. 35 per 2 tbsp)

Cool off with tzatziki! This sauce is made with Greek yogurt, cucumber, and garlic. It is both tasty and low-calorie, with about 35 calories in every 2 tablespoons.


14. Turnips (Rich in: Vitamin C)

Don’t overlook turnips! These root vegetables, rich in vitamin C, can add a unique flavor to your dishes. Roasted, mashed, or in a hearty stew, turnips are a versatile kitchen staple.

15. Tamarind (Used in: Asian and Latin American Cuisine)

Enjoy the delicious taste of tamarind. Tamarind is commonly used in Asian and Latin American cooking. This fruit makes dishes more flavorful, such as sauces and candies.

16. Tostadas (Varieties: Countless)

Crispy and satisfying, tostadas are a Mexican favorite. These open-faced delights have many topping possibilities. You can choose from refried beans, seasoned meats, and fresh veggies. They really excite your taste buds.


17. Tilapia (Global Production: 6.3 Million Tons)

Dive into the world of seafood with tilapia. With a global production of 6.3 million tons, this mild-flavored fish is a popular choice for its versatility and sustainability.

18. Trout (Rich in: Omega-3 Fatty Acids)

Reel in the health benefits with trout! Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this freshwater fish is not only delicious but also supports heart health. Grill it up for a tasty and nutritious meal.

19. Thyme (Aroma: Earthy and Woody)

Add a dash of thyme to elevate your dishes! With its earthy and woody aroma, this herb is a kitchen essential. It’s a perfect companion for roasted meats, stews, and savory sauces.

20. Tahini (Made From: Sesame Seeds)

Try the delicious taste of tahini. It’s made by grinding sesame seeds into a paste. This paste can add a nutty flavor to foods like hummus and dressings. And it’s full of healthy fats.


21. Turnovers (Versatility: Sweet and Savory)

Turnovers are my go-to for a quick, tasty treat. Whether filled with sweet fruits or savory delights, these flaky pastries are a versatile crowd-pleaser.

22.Tangerine Chicken (Flavor Profile: Sweet and Tangy)

Tangerine chicken is a tasty variation of orange chicken. Tangerines give this Chinese dish a sweet and tangy flavor that is refreshing.

23. Teff (Nutrient Content: High in Iron and Fiber)

Teff, a tiny grain with a powerhouse of nutrients, is high in iron and fiber. Originating from Ethiopia, it’s a gluten-free alternative that packs a nutritional punch in every bite.

24. Tikka Masala (Origin: British Indian Cuisine)

Tikka masala is a British Indian classic. Marinated and grilled meats swim in a creamy tomato-based sauce, creating a dish beloved worldwide. It’s comfort food at its best.

25. Turducken (Origin: United States)

Turducken, a culinary masterpiece, is a chicken stuffed into a duck, then into a turkey. Originating in the United States, this holiday favorite is a carnivore’s dream come true.

26.Tamarillo (Rich in: Vitamins A and C)

The tamarillo is a fruit that is also called a tree tomato. It has a lot of vitamins A and C. It is a unique fruit from South America with a tangy taste.

27.Tapioca Flour (Gluten-Free Alternative)

Tapioca flour is my secret weapon in the kitchen. This gluten-free option comes from the cassava root. It’s great for making sauces thicker, baking, and making delicious desserts.

28. Tortellini (Traditional Filling: Meat or Cheese)

Tortellini, those little pasta treasures, are a joy to eat. These tasty treats come from Italy. They are usually filled with meat or cheese, making every bite delicious.

29. Tonkatsu (Popular in: Japanese Cuisine)

Tonkatsu is a popular Japanese dish. It is made by breading and deep-frying pork cutlets.Often served with a tangy sauce, this crispy delight is a staple in Japanese comfort food.

30. Tzimmes (Origin: Jewish Cuisine)

Tzimmes is a sweet and savory Jewish dish, often prepared during holidays. You can make a delicious and comforting meal by combining carrots, fruits, and sometimes meat.

31. Tilapia Tacos (Lean Protein Content: 21g per 100g)

Tilapia tacos are a lighter take on the traditional taco. With tilapia as the star, these tacos offer a lean protein punch, boasting approximately 21g of protein per 100g.

32. Taro (Versatility: Used in Sweet and Savory Dishes)

Taro, a starchy root vegetable, is incredibly versatile. Used in both sweet and savory dishes, from taro chips to bubble tea, this nutrient-rich tuber adds a unique flavor and texture.

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33. Togarashi (Spice Blend: Japanese Chili Pepper Mix)

Togarashi, a Japanese spice blend, adds a kick to dishes. This seasoning includes chili peppers, orange peel, and sesame seeds. It enhances the taste of dishes like noodles and grilled meats.

34. Tamarind Candy (Popular in: Latin American Cuisine)

Tamarind candy is a popular treat in Latin American cuisine. It is sweet and tangy.. Often coated in chili powder, these candies offer a burst of flavor that’s both unique and addictive.

35. Tarragon (Flavor Profile: Anise-Like)

Tarragon is a fragrant herb. It has an anise-like flavor. It enhances dishes with a hint of licorice. It’s a wonderful addition to salads, sauces, and even roasted meats.

36. TikTok Smoothie (Popular on: Social Media)

I’ve hopped on the TikTok smoothie trend! Fruity drinks with berries and greens are popular on social media. Many people share their vibrant creations.

37. Tempeh (Protein Content: 19g per 100g)

Tempeh is my go-to plant-based protein. This fermented soy product contains about 19 grams of protein per 100 grams. It is tasty and provides a healthy option instead of meat.

38. Tostilocos (Street Food: Mexico)

Tostilocos are a Mexican street food sensation! This snack is full of different textures and flavors. You combine Tostitos chips with toppings like jicama, cucumber, and hot sauce.

39. Turmeric Latte (Health Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory)

I love sipping on a turmeric latte! This drink is golden and made with turmeric and milk. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a cozy and healthy alternative to regular lattes.

40. Tamale (Traditionally Wrapped in: Corn Husks)

People love tamales. Tamales are traditionally wrapped in corn husks. They come from Mesoamerica. Tamales are made of masa and can be filled with meat, veggies, or sweets. People often eat tamales during festivals.

41. Tofu Scramble (Ideal for: Plant-Based Breakfast)

My mornings start with a tofu scramble! This plant-based breakfast is like scrambled eggs, but it’s vegan. It’s full of protein and savory flavours. It’s a great way to start the day.

42. Tom Kha Gai Soup (Thai Cuisine: Coconut Milk Base)

I’m a fan of Tom Kha Gai soup! This Thai dish is made with coconut milk. It has a blend of galangal, lemongrass, and lime leaves. The broth is flavorful and fragrant. Tandoori chicken is a delicious Indian dish.

The chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices, then cooked in a tandoor oven. This cooking method makes the chicken tender, smoky, and full of aroma.

43. Turmeric Rice (Health Boost: Anti-Inflammatory)

I often make turmeric rice!This colorful side dish has the golden spice. It adds color to my plate. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits. It makes my meals delicious and nutritious.

44. Tom Yum Soup (Spice Level: Variable)

Craving a spicy kick? Tom Yum soup delivers! A Thai favorite, this hot and sour broth, featuring shrimp and aromatic herbs, allows you to adjust the spice level to your liking.

50. Teriyaki Salmon (Omega-3 Content: 1,210mg per 3 oz)

Teriyaki salmon is a regular on my menu. Besides being delicious, it’s a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, with approximately 1,210mg per 3-ounce serving, promoting heart and brain health.

51. Tomatillo Salsa (Main Ingredient: Tomatillos)

Tomatillo salsa is a tangy option instead of regular salsa. These small, green tomatoes add a tangy twist, and I love pairing it with chips or drizzling it over tacos for an extra burst of flavor.

52. Turnip Greens (Rich in: Vitamins A, K, and C)

Don’t toss those turnip greens! They’re rich in vitamins A, K, and C, offering a nutritional boost to your meals. Sauté them with garlic and olive oil for a tasty side.

53. Tapioca Tea (Commonly Known As: Bubble Tea)

Tapioca tea, commonly known as bubble tea, is my go-to refreshment. With chewy tapioca pearls and a variety of flavors, this Taiwanese creation has become a global sensation.

54. Tomato Basil Bruschetta (Popular Appetizer: Italy)

I love whipping up tomato basil bruschetta.This popular Italian appetizer is easy to make and loved by everyone. It is made by combining diced tomatoes, fresh basil, and garlic on toasted bread.

Wrap Up

You have probably tried most of the foods on this list. We hope it also gives you new options to try!

How many foods beginning with the letter T have you tried? Comment below.

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