Squish to Condish: A Game Changer for Curly Hair

Have you ever been frustrated with your curly hair? If so, prepare to throw out all the old methods you’ve been using and pick the best way of styling your curls. Squish to Condish (S2C) is a game changer in the curly hair community that makes it easier to keep your curls looking fabulous.

Let’s look at this groundbreaking haircare method and how it will benefit your locks. 

What Is The Squish To Condish Method?

Squish to condish, or S2C is a simple and unique method specifically beneficial for those with curly hair.

It utilizes the conditioner one already has in their hair care routine and enhances its hydration-locking abilities. This is done when you ‘squish’ conditioner into your skin as well as your hair, letting it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out.

The results of this technique are often noticed right away – your strands are left softer and more manageable!

It has been responsible for helping unlock intense moisture while fighting frizz and giving curls an extra bit of bounce – leaving you with alluring looks that will have heads turning wherever you go.

How Does Squish To Condish Work?

So here I will explain to you the details of how it works for your curly and wavy hair. Follow the methods accordingly.

Step 1: Do a hair wash.

  • Wet your hair thoroughly with water and shampoo as you normally do with a curl-friendly shampoo.
  • Use your fingers or a scalp massager to work the shampoo deeply into your scalp.
  • Rinse out the shampoo completely with more water.

Step 2: Smush in the Conditioner

  • On the next step, fill your palms with a generous amount of conditioner, and add more if necessary.
  • Scrunch your soaking wet hair after washing it, and then apply your conditioner
  • Then, work the conditioner into your hair until it feels slippery and has a seaweed-like texture.
  • Don’t worry about using too much, you can always adjust next time.( don’t apply excessive conditioner )

Step 3: Finger Comb Through Your Strands

  • Gently finger comb through your wet strands to eliminate tangles and knots.
  • Make sure the water-conditioner mixture is able to flow freely through your hair.
  • Clump and massage your hair to work in more moisture.

Step 4: Flip Your Head Upside Down

  • Hope you already understand half of the process, Next detangle your hair and flip it upside down.
  • Let the excess water and conditioner drain down your strands.
  • Squish and pulse cold water through your hair while scrunching to help the moisture penetrate your curls.

Step 5: Let the Water Collect in Your Hands

  • Squish your hair upside down and let the water collect in your hands.
  • Scoop up the water and work it through your hair a few more times.
  • This hands-on process helps push the water and conditioner deeply into your cuticles.

Step 6: Repeat the previous step.

  • Repeat the water-collecting step a few more times until your hair feels clean.
  • By now, the conditioner will have penetrated your cuticles and your strands may feel smoother.

Step 7: Now complete your Curl-care routine

  • Voila! You’re done with the “squish to condish” method.
  • Continue with the rest of your curl-care routine, such as air-drying or overnight drying with a protective hairstyle or cap.

With this step-by-step guide, you can now your way to gorgeous curls and healthy hair cuticles. Give it a try and see the difference in your hair’s hydration and shine!

Benefits Of Squish To Condish

squish to condish method

Well, now you propably the understand all of the methods. Unlike traditional methods, it provides a more efficient and longer-lasting result with minimal effort. Here’s why:

  • First, this method helps to open the cuticles on your hair strands which allows for better absorption of moisture and nutrients from conditioners or treatments you use.
  • Second, It is gentler on your tresses than other types of conditioning because it doesn’t require harsh combing or brushing to penetrate the product into hair strands.
  • Third, it allows for deeper penetration of the product into each strand so that all the beneficial ingredients can be absorbed by the hair in its entirety instead of just surface-level conditioning.
  • Squish to condish also works faster than conventional methods since it takes less time for products to be absorbed into each strand, thanks to its deep penetration capabilities.
  • Finally, this type of conditioning leads to healthier, shinier hair because it’s able to retain moisture better while providing essential nutrients that help strengthen strands and maintain healthy scalp conditions.

Things To Remember While Using Squish To Condish

Although it is an excellent way to condition your hair, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Apply squish to damp hair, working it through to the ends.
  • Use squish sparingly, as too much can lead to dry hair. It can help add extra moisture to hair and scalp without weighing hair down.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly and style as desired.
  • Follow with a conditioner to seal in the moisture
  • .Use squish as a final step in your curly hair routine, or use it as a hair refresher during the summer months.
  • Note that squish is best used on dry hair and scalp. It won’t work effectively on wet hair or the scalp.
  • Lastly, store the squish in a cool, dry place for use later.

In summary, squish is a great addition to your curly hair routine when you want extra moisture without weighing your hair down.

Take Note :

It helps hydrate hair and scalp without causing frizz or breakage.

As we mentioned earlier, squish to condish is the latest hair care trend, but there may be better choices for some.

If your curls are prone to tangles and fairy knots or you’re dealing with damage like breakage from color-treating or chemical treatments, squishing can cause more knotting due to raised cuticles that don’t lie flat on already fragile strands. Be aware of this potential before trying out the method!

Wrap Up

There you have it. A simple method to hydrate hair that works for all hair types and can be done at home easily. You’re probably squishing and consisting to the method now! Get started with it today.

John Harvey
John Harvey

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