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 What is ABSI ( A Body Shape Index )

ABSI calculator is a tool used to analyze body shape and the risk of obesity-related deaths. So calculate your perfect ABSI now. It has been gaining traction recently for its focus on overall health rather than weight or BMI.

ABSI works by calculating waist circumference, height, and weight into an index score, allowing for an accurate assessment of developing health issues more quickly and effectively than traditional measurements.

This index can help individuals and medical professionals make informed decisions about the best healthcare options available.

ABSI keeps us updated on the latest science exploring complex interactions between body size, metabolic risk factors, and mortality rate. It takes a comprehensive look at our overall well-being, shedding new light on how we think about our health in the current age.


Why is it significant?

The main reason why ABSI is important is that it allows us to understand better our overall health and risk factors for certain diseases.

For example, suppose someone has a high BMI but a low waist circumference. In that case, they may still be at risk for developing certain diseases even if their BMI isn’t technically considered “overweight.”

On the other hand, someone with a low BMI but a high waist circumference may also be at risk due to their body shape. Therefore, using both factors together gives us a better understanding of our overall health. 

In addition, understanding your ABSI score can help you make changes to improve your health if needed. For example, suppose you have a high ABSI score (which indicates an increased risk of certain diseases).

You can make lifestyle changes such as exercising more regularly or eating healthier foods to reduce your risk. Furthermore, by understanding how your body shape affects your overall health, you can take steps to maintain or improve your well-being in the long term.  

How ABSI is calculated:

The following formula is used to calculate the ABSI (Body Shape Index):

WC / (BMI 2/3 × Height 1/2)

ABSI Calculator


Waist Circumference: The measurement of the circumference around the waist, typically taken at the level of the navel

Height: The measurement of size in meters

Relative risk from BMI (Body Mass Index): Calculate your BMI.

Then you will get the new body shape index result.

Example: Suppose a 23 year old man, weight 70 kg, height 68 inches and waist measurement 33 inches . so your ABSI values will be .08. So you are in very low risk condition.

Using the ABSI calculator:

For ABSI calculated, you can follow these steps:

  • First, Enter your gender, age , weight, height, waist 
  • You can enter the value in cm or inches.
  • Click the “Calculate” or “Submit” button to compute your ABSI value.
  • The calculator will interpret your ABSI value, indicating whether you are at a low, moderate, or high risk for health problems based on your body shape.

ABSI Calculator Chart

The ABSI z score can classify individuals into different premature mortality risk levels. Here are five possible risk levels based on the ABSI score:

Very Low Risk: Individuals with an ABSI z score below Less than -0.868

Low risk: Individuals with an ABSI z score between -0.868 and -0.272 are classified as having a low risk of premature mortality.

Moderate risk: people with an ABSI z score between -0.272 and +0.229 are classified as having a moderate risk of premature mortality.

 High risk: Individuals with an ABSI z score between +0.229 and +0.798 are classified as having an increased risk of premature mortality.

Very high risk: People with an ABSI z score greater than +0.798 are classified as having a very high risk of premature mortality.

It is important to note that the ABSI z score is just one tool among many for assessing health risks and premature mortality. Other factors such as age, gender, diet, physical activity, medical history, and genetics can also affect an individual’s risk of premature mortality.

It is also important to think about what the ABSI z score can’t do and to talk to a medical professional for personalized advice. 

Follow these steps to figure out your waist circumference:

  • Use a flexible tape measure to find out how big your waist is at the level of your navel.
  • Stand up straight and exhale before taking the measurement.
  • Ensure the tape measure is level and not too tight or loose.
  • Record the size in inches or centimeters, depending on the unit of measurement used by the ABSI calculator.
  • Repeat the measurement a few times to ensure accuracy.

It is also important to measure your waist circumference accurately to get an accurate ABSI result. A higher waist circumference is associated with an increased risk of health problems, so it is important to be aware of your waist measurement and make lifestyle changes if necessary to lower your risk.

Finally, we can say it, use this calculator to determine your perfect ABSI . However, it is best to seek medical advice for further guidance. Good luck! Enjoy our new innovations and support us.

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John Harvey

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