Is Jumex Healthy ? Nutrition & Calorie Insights

Juices or smoothies are a healthy way to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Although not every juice is a superb resource for minerals and vitamins, you must avoid drinks that are high in sugar and contain unhealthy ingredients.

So, is Jumex healthy or not ? No , it’s not properly healthy. I investigated and found that it contains 36 to 41 grams of sugar per can but only 19% natural juice.

The healthiness of Jumex products depends on the specific product and its ingredients .

Basically fruit juices and nectars contains added sugars, which can contribute to excess calorie intake and potentially lead to health issues like obesity and tooth decay.

Let’s get started.

10 Jumex Flavors that Contain High Calorie

Jumex juice can keep you cool as it’s available in cans or tetra packs from 335 ml to 1 liter. But these drinks are similar to regular sodas due to refined sugar and excess use of corn syrup.

This means that the sweetness of the juice is not natural or obtained from the fruit, which makes it an unhealthy drink for you. Here I have researched the variety of flavors Jumex offers and how many calories it has, 335 mL per can. 

Jumex FlavorsCalorie Per Can
Apricot 150
Coconut and pineapple210
Guanabana 150
Strawberry and banana170

Does Jumex Juice Made From Natural Fruits ?

This juice contains natural fruit extract but in very minimal quantity that doesn’t fulfill the body’s nutrient requirements.

The Mexican brand uses fresh fruits in every 335 mL, you will get around 19% natural fruit juice.

Moreover, the process of extracting juice excludes pulp, a leading source of nutrients. 

That’s why I mostly avoid Jumex nectar because it carries limited nutrients and organic juice. You should check the ingredients to prevent triggering any medical condition, as this beverage has multiple sweeteners and additives. 

Also, each of the packaging of Jumex nectar holds the same amount of real juice. Here I mention the containers available in the market. 

  • Aluminum can contain 335 mL of juice
  • Tetra pack is an excellent option for families as it is available in 1 liter 
  • Most handy resealable can hold 473 mL

Can Jumex Spike Blood Sugar?  

According to the Jumex brand, each can have about 36 to 41 grams of sugar which can spike your blood sugar. Moreover, the fruit has natural sweetness, but Jumex juice is manufactured with refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup to make it tastier.

This process makes the juice unhealthy and leads you to health issues such as type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and cavities. 

And, if you have a history of high blood pressure, you must avoid Jumex drinks as it can spike the sugar level or worsen the health condition. 

To clear out the doubt about whether Jumex juice has much sugar or not. I have compared this drink with other top-quality beverage brands. Below, you will find out how much sugar is loaded per can

  • Jumex apple nectar has 37 grams of sugar, whereas Simple apple juice has 27 grams. 
  • Orange and mango flavors of Jumex contain 1 gram of extra sugar compared to Dole Orange mango juice
  • Tropicana’s Grape flavor has 4 grams less sugar than Jumex grape nectar

Harmful elements that Jumex Nectar Contain

Some Jumex juices, such as mango, peach, strawberry, and banana nectar, contain harmful ingredients for extra color and flavor. That’s why many people consider this drink as soda rather than natural juice.

I mention three significant elements that are harmful to your health but found in Jumex juices.

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

Most juices contain extra sugar to increase the flavor and taste sweeter. But Jumex has crossed the line as it utilizes sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, which impacts your health. 

This artificial sugar is produced by corn syrup and adds high-glycemic carbs to your diet.

After water, HFCS is the second ingredient of some of the Jumex juices, adding plenty of calories without any nutrients to your drink. I mention some drawbacks of taking this substance: 

  • High intake can lead to liver fat
  • You can suffer from obesity and weight gain
  • Encounter with diabetes  


Sucralose is another artificial sweetener that is used in various flavors of Jumex nectar. But, this element impacts your health in the long-term by increasing insulin.

This ingredient is a no-calorie sweetener, meaning you will enjoy the delicious drink without any nutrients. However, studies show sucralose can lower good bacteria by half as it changes your gut microbiome. It can worsen your health condition such as: 

  • Trigger migraine
  • Obesity 
  • Diabetes


Carmine is a red-crimson color collected from insects known as (beetles) for adding a reddish shade to various foods and beverages.

Jumex uses this ingredient in some of the drinks to make it more appealing for you. Which has a minor health impact as it can trigger allergic reactions. Although if you are sensitive to insect proteins or vegan, this drink is not for you, my friend.

  • Alcohol
  • Yogurts
  • Juices
Is Jumex Healthy

Jhumex Can Boost Energy Levels

Jumex is a non-carbonated soft drink that is made from muddling various fruits. Mainly, energy drinks contain caffeine which helps to increase your energy levels without any side effects.

As I have cross-checked several nectar ingredient labels, none of them have mentioned containing caffeine.

But, your energy can be boosted after having this drink due to high sugar, which can temporarily give you a kick of energy.  

Is Jumex Healthy For You ?

No. Jumex is not healthy. It doesn’t matter how delicious it tastes. Jumex Nectar is unhealthy for you because of the minimal minerals, iron, calcium, and vitamins. The problem lies in how this Mexican company manufactures the juice.

According to the report, you must know that the whole fruit is processed to extract the liquid content.

And concentrate the remaining to make it ruit puree, but this procedure excludes the vital nutrients and minerals from the juice.   

You should examine how much nutrients are contained in each 335 ml can.


Can You Drink Jumex for Weight Loss ?

This beverage holds a large amount of sugar and sweeteners, making it not an ideal option while you are trying to lose weight.

Depending on the flavor, Jumex has 150 to 170 calories per 335mL can, so you should avoid this drink. 

Moreover, while losing weight, you must have drinks or foods high in protein and nutrients to meet your daily nutrient requirement. But, this drink lacks in this criteria as some of the Jumex flavors don’t contain any nutrients or other healthy components.

So, you must shred some pounds by taking natural juices made from organic fruit blends with fewer calories.

Although, I’m not suggesting going for a hundred percent fruit juices as they are also not an excellent option for weight loss. 

This drink is concentrated in high sugar, compared to whole fruit. Due to the lack of fibers in pre-packed juices, these lead to quick absorption of sugar into your bloodstream, making it impossible for you to lose weight.

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Wrap Up

So that’s it. After thorough my investigation and analysis, it is evident that Jumex juice is not a sugar free or healthy option for consumption. Though it’s not so bad also. If you know me, you know I love anything with spicy drinks.

While juices and smoothies can be a great way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet , it is essential to choose ones that are low in sugar and rich in nutrients.

John Harvey
John Harvey

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