BBBE Diet : Things To Eat, Avoid And How To Make

Maintaining a diet becomes tougher when it comes to challenging yourself to lose the extra pounds. You want to lose weight yet stay healthy and energetic. 

BBBE diet is the exact diet created with the same vision in mind. It is a low carbohydrate and high protein enriched diet that allows you to shed extra weight from the body without losing any strength.

Besides, regular exercise while maintaining this diet will build muscle mass faster. Stay connected to the end of this blog post to learn about the BBBE diet in detail.

What Is BBBE Diet ?

The acronym BBBE diet stands for Beef, Bacon, Butter and Eggs diet. It is a low carbohydrate, high fat, and protein-based diet that especially works for weight loss. 

Well, weight loss and an increase in body fat might sound contradictory. However, the BBBE diet proves you can lose weight by regularly decreasing your carbs and increasing your fat intake. 

Benefits Of The BBBE Diet In The Body

There are several health benefits of following the BBBE Diet unless you have any extended health issues. 

Helps People Who Suffer From Lose Weight

To those with Obesity and excessive weight gain is a concern, the BBBE diet can be the best diet to follow for them. As the diet drastically lowers carbohydrates, it ensures no more weight gain.

Moreover, you get the energy in your body by burning the fat you have taken through the diet resulting in no bad fat storage inside the body.

Improves Muscle Growth

This specific diet promotes exercise while losing weight, which helps to grow muscles.

Keeps Blood Sugar Level Under Control

The BBBE diet is highly beneficial for people with an increased insulin level in their blood, which means they have high blood sugar.

That’s why this diet is a must-try for people who are overweight and have concurrent insulin issues.

Reduces Inflammation In The Stomach

The diet strictly prohibits eating processed food which contains high-glycemic carbohydrates and only encourages eating certain low carb high-fat foods.

This regulation reduces the inflammation level in the body and balances the digestive system.

bbbe diet before and after

Side Effects Of BBBE Diet

There are no major side effects of the BBBE Diet. However, before starting this diet, consult your healthcare professional if you have any prior sickness.

Following are some of the side effects that can occur in some dieters.

Lack Of Plant-Based Nutrients

As the BBBE diet avoids plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains, you may lack nutrients from those foods. This can lead to a deprivation of important vitamins and minerals for our body.

Increased Cholesterol In The Body

The increased fat consumption in this diet may increase the risk of storing more cholesterol in the body.

You have to be very careful while following this diet if you already have a high cholesterol level or any heart disease.


The lower fibre you take, the more likely you’ll develop constipation. In this diet, you may develop constipation due to not being able to eat enough fibre.

However, drink adequate water to solve the bowel problem.

Foods To Eat On BBBE Diet

Looking at the diet’s name, you can already guess that it revolves around certain foods.

Besides the basic foods mentioned in the diet, you can eat some other high protein foods.

Basic Diet Foods To Eat

The main ingredient of this diet is red meat, which means Beef is the main food to eat. It also includes Bacon, Butter and Eggs.

You can have this food cooked in any form, ensuring you are not taking any processed food or carbs. 

Other Foods To Eat Beside The Main Diet

You can take any food that is high in protein and fat. Ensure you don’t take too much-processed food and avoid carbohydrates to the best. Here are some foods to consider eating.

  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Cheese

Eat these foods by cooking them in any form you like.

Foods To Avoid On BBBE Diet

As you’ve come this far, you already understand that the BBBE Diet strictly suggests avoiding carbs. However, here is a dedicated list to better understand which foods to avoid.

  • Grains such as Rice, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Quinoa
  • Legumes such as Chickpeas, Peanuts, Black beans, Lentil
  • Processed Foods such as Candy, Cookies, Snacks
  • Fruits such as Banana, Apple, Guava
  • Sweeteners such as Sugar, Maple Syrup, Honey, Corn Syrup
  • Vegetables such as Cabbage, Broccoli, Lettuce
  • Nuts And Seeds
  • Sodas and Beverages

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Recipes For BBBE Diet

Changing your regular diet and only eating selective foods can be tough suddenly. You may become confused about what to cook only with the BBBE diet ingredients.

That’s why we’re sharing the most popular and the easiest recipe you can try to make at home.

Special : Beef And Bacon Skewers


Beef, Bacon, Salt and seasonings, Wooden Skewers, Onion and Garlic


Step 1 – 

Cut the beef into small pieces like you want. For a one time meal 8 to 10 ounces of freshly cut beef would be enough. Soak the wooden skewers for 25 minutes.

Step 2 – 

Next, take 8 to 10 slices of Bacon and chop them into small pieces. While preparing the meat, preheat your grill pan.

Step 3 – 

Install the beef bacon as you want onto the soaked wooden skewers. Then, put some salt and seasonings as you want on them. Adding Garlic and Onion is optional. If you want to add the flavor, you can use pasted onion and garlic in the recipe.

Step 4 –

Once your skewers are packed, put them on the grill pan and let it cook by itself within 4 to 5 minutes. 

Step 5 –

Serve the dish on a plate carefully once it’s cooked. You can enjoy the dish just as it is or with some added sauce.

bbbe diet before and after

BBBE Diet Before And After Success

One of my follower shared his success in Facebook and said

“I absolutely love BBBE (beef, butter, bacon, and eggs) diet! In fact, it makes up about 95% of my diet. I’ve found that sticking to this delicious combination has been a life-saving choice for me. “

Is The BBBE Diet Safe?

Yes, It is safe. But not for everyone. The BBBE diet may pose challenges for individuals with certain health conditions, such as diabetes or kidney problems.

Due to the specific dietary restrictions and limitations of the BBBE diet, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before embarking on this eating plan, especially if you have any existing health concerns or are taking medication.

The emphasis on a specific type of food in the BBBE diet can make it difficult for some people to adhere to the restrictions and limitations. Additionally, suppose you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive.

In that case, it is advised to approach this diet with caution and discuss it with your healthcare provider, as the nutritional needs during these stages may differ significantly.

Well, one of the BBBE diet alternatives is ketovore diet.

Wrap Up

So that’s it ! BBBE stands for beef, butter, bacon, and eggs. Many of my followers are trying this diet because it benefits them. After using BBBE diet Before and after

One follower said he is transitioning from Ketovore to Carnivore or BBBE to achieve the desired results.

This diet focuses on eating low carbohydrates and high protein and fat, which helps with weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels.

Matthew Solan
Matthew Solan

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