Ouidad Cut : A Detailed Guide For Curly Hair Styling 

Choosing the right haircut for your curly hair can be overwhelming as there aren’t many options. But not any longer. Have you heard about Ouidad cut

Well, it is one of the most popular haircuts among curly hair owners. It has always been on the trend and something that only easily goes out of style.

But what is actually an Ouidad cut? To find out the kith and kin of this heated but most fabulous haircut, stick around to the end of this article. 

So, without further ado, let’s hop into the details. 

What Is a Ouidad Cut?

An Ouidad cut, also known as the “Carve and Slice” technique, is a specialized haircut designed specifically for curly hair types.

Developed by Ouidad, the curl expert, this unique cutting method involves strategically carving and slicing through individual curls to remove unnecessary bulk and weight while enhancing the natural curl pattern.

About The Ouidad Cut

The origin of this cut is relevant to its name. A curly girl who was also a hairstylist first invented the Ouidad cut. She is Ouidad Wise, a Lebanese immigrant passionate about curls, their texture, and uniqueness. She opened her first hair salon in 1984 in N.Y.C. 

Her primary technique to perform this cut was the “Carve and Slice” technique. The stylist would be careful about not creating any frizz, not modifying the curl pattern yet carving and slicing through the curls creating layers with definition.

Although the haircut has a designated and accurate cutting and grooming technique, there are still chances for modifications depending on the client’s needs. You can ask your stylist to do it how you want it to look (with volume/tamed). 

Whether you should get this hyped-up haircut or not depends on some factors. To understand it, you must learn about the haircut a bit. Let’s talk about some essential elements to know about Ouidad cut.

Concept Of Ouidad Cut

The Ouidad cut was created emphasizing three crucial factors. They reduce the bulk and weight of heavy hair, eliminate the odd-looking triangular shape on curly hair and enhance natural curls. 

You can see the haircut succeeded in performing well in all these criteria. Unlike some other curly haircuts, it doesn’t work against your natural curl pattern; instead works with it.

By enhancing the shape and definition of your hair, this cut makes your hair more manageable and tidy than ever before.

For Whom

Ouidad cut is for people who want a natural look with the least artificial touch. It doesn’t matter whether you have curly, kinky, or oily hair; this haircut works evenly on all.

It is your go-to haircut to enhance your natural curls, remove frizz, and boost your hair’s overall health. 

What To Expect

After the cut, you can expect your hair to become less tangled, easily manageable, frequently adaptable to apply any hairstyle and look well set as a solved précised puzzle. 

The best part of this haircut is you do not need to chop off too much of your hair if your hair is already short. So, no longer lose more hair. 

ouidad cut -curly hair

Credit: Ouidad specialized cut. Stylist: Timm Hall

Basics Of Ouidad Cut

After knowing the benefits of Ouidad cut, wouldn’t you like to know how it is done? At least you have the right to know what your hairstylist will do with your hair.

Varying from hair stylist to hair stylist, the entire haircut process of Ouidad cut may vary a bit. But, the primary technique, “Carve and Slice,” would be the same. 

Let’s learn a little about the Ouidad haircut process now.

Thorough Curl Assessment And Consultation

A thorough assessment is a first and most significant thing your hairstylist would do before performing the Ouidad haircut. In this assessment, your hairstylist will observe your hair closely. 

They will note down your hair type, shape, length, frizz, split ends, regular hair care routine, how often you wash/clean your hair, what hair product you use, etc. The hairstylist may spend some time touching your hair to understand the softness level of your hair too. 

After it, they will suggest whether the Ouidad haircut goes with your curls. If yes, then how are they going to work on it?

Cleansing The Hair

Once you are ready to make the Ouidad cut, you will heat the sink up next. It is a wet-cut hairdo. So, the stylist will clean your hair by rinsing it and applying shampoo to clean it gently.

Applying Hair Grooming Products 

Once your hair is washed nicely, the stylist will comb and section your hair to calculate the cutting length and area. Generally, they do it by taking vertical sections of your hair from below the parietal ridge.

Then give it a gentle shake to get the thicker section of the curls by shaking off the thin areas. 

In the meantime, they might apply some hair products if needed. This part is customizable. Depending on your hair and the expert’s suggestion, they may or may not do it.


Cutting The Hair

Now the actual cutting part begins. Remember the section the stylist took? They are going to cut it with the carve and slice technique. 

With the carving, they will remove some of your thick hair and cut it to set it to the other curls immediately. Besides, with the slicing method, they will remove less hair and cut it just as much as needed.

The process will repeat for each strand of your curly hair. Ultimately it will get you a perfect look that suits your face shape and desired look.

Setting The Final Look

After the hairstylist cuts the hair, they finish the look with blow drying. You can skip this part if you prefer to avoid blow dry. 

But, experts suggested doing it in the saloon to get the best look immediately after cutting. Finishing off the Ouidad cut, the stylist may do a little dry trim if the hair is still not as you want. It’s totally up to you.

About The Creator Of Ouidad Cut

Want to know a bit about the creator of this amazingly perfect suit for all curly hair? She is a curly hair stylist specialist, Ouidad Stephen Wise. The cut is named after her name, as you can see vividly.

While starting her hair styling career, she learned about curly hair owners’ struggles. She understood the anxiety and insecurity of the curly hair owners and worked on finding the best solution.

Deva cut vs Ouidad cut

The main difference is that the Deva cut is done on dry hair, allowing the stylist to see the natural curl pattern and shape the hair accordingly, while the Ouidad cut is done on wet hair, with each curl individually cut to create a uniform look.

Well, a Deva cut is a method of cutting curly hair specifically designed to enhance your natural curls. The stylist uses various techniques, such as cutting individual curls while drying, to create a customized look that brings out the best in your hair.

On the other hand, an Ouidad cut is also designed for curly hair but takes a slightly different approach. The stylist uses a carving and slicing technique to help eliminate bulk and create a more defined shape. This style is great for those looking for more structure and control in their curls.

How Often Should I Get A Ouidad Haircut?

It’s recommended to get a trim every 6-8 weeks. You can tell it’s time for a trim when your curls get knotted up easily. This schedule can help keep your curls healthy, bouncy, and beautiful.

Final Verdicts

Overall, if you have curly hair, getting an Ouidad cut might be a great option for you. With its unique carving and slicing technique, this cut can enhance your natural curls, making them more defined and manageable.

So let’s try out this new hair styling.

John Harvey
John Harvey

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