Sonic Breakfast Hours 2023: Regular & Weekend Hours

Sonic is the only restaurant that offers breakfast all day long for their hunger. 

Whenever you necessitate a bulky or light breakfast, Sonic stands out with lots of twist menus.  Enjoying a CroisSonic sandwich or loaded burrito with crispy tots can be your anytime wish, like me. 

Still, it’s important to know the specific Sonic breakfast hours. The breakfast timing cannot be the same in all Sonic restaurants. It may vary depending on where you reside.

I will be your guide for Sonic Breakfast Hours in 2023. We will explore the regular and weekend hours, check out the delicious breakfast menu, and maybe even discover some secret Sonic breakfast tips.

I have researched the usual Sonic breakfast hours to lessen your hassle.

Check them out.

Sonic Breakfast Hours

In the 1980s, Sonic begins to deliver its breakfast and still it has been continuing.

Although Sonic provides its breakfast the whole day, the timing won’t be the same on each day of the week.

Sonic Breakfast Hours Opening & Closing Time

Sonic’s breakfast hours are always a hot topic, especially on the weekends. Sonic has made changes to its breakfast hours in the past years, so it’s important to stay updated on the latest opening and closing times.

Here’s the regular timing

DayBreakfast Hours
Sunday8 am- 10 pm 
Monday6 am – 11 pm
Tuesday6 am – 11 pm
Wednesday6 am – 11 pm
Thursday6 am – 11 pm
Friday6 am – 12 am
Saturday 7 am – 12 am

Well, you already know about the breakfast hours but don’t forget to check out their special Sonic Blast menu too ! It’s worth trying.

The Generous Timing for Sonic Breakfast

Usually, Sonic continues serving its breakfast up to midnight.  Sonic’s breakfast timing is fixed in some specific outlets. But many of the restaurants are flexible with their timing. 

It means the serving hours can get longer than their regular time considering the situational needs.

The Sonic in my area serves up to midnight from the very morning at 6 am the whole week.

You only have to consider Saturday and Sunday. Because on these two specific days, Sonic starts 1 hour late to serve their service.

It’s 7 am when Sonic opens on Saturday and Sunday in my locality. 

  • Sonic Breakfast Hours on Tuesday

Almost all Sonic restaurants start their working day late on Tuesday.

You cannot plan to have your breakfast in the early morning at Sonic when it’s Tuesday. At this point, you must look for an alternative. 

  • The Minimum Breakfast Hours at Sonic

At all the Sonic Drive-in locations, the breakfast hours remain open up to 10 pm at least.

And this timing is available for almost all the branches. So, the breakfast hours will be available from 6 am to 10 pm minimum

sonic breakfast hour

How to Find Out Sonic Breakfast Hours Based on Your Location

People often ask me, “Sonic breakfast hours near me” . So I describe it in this section.

Since the breakfast hours differ from place to place, you should check out the exact timing considering where you are. Here’s how to check out the available timing for breakfast at Sonic-

  • Go to
  • You’ll find the “Location” bar on the top. Click on it
  • Enter your zip code
  • All the available locations will be suggested. Click on your desired one and check out the convenient timing for breakfast
  • You also can check the address and contact number of that location through this one click.

You no longer have to be troubled to find the exact breakfast timing while visiting this site-SonicDrive.comm. You’ll get the desired locations and breakfast hours no matter where you live.

Read More About Sonic Breakfast Menu 2023

Popular Sonic Menu for Breakfast

For breakfast, some of the items are mostly ordered at Sonic considering their prices and tastes.

These food items are not that costly, and anyone with a tight budget like me can afford them with ease-

                                  Sonic Breakfast Menu

Sonic Breakfast MenuPrice
Breakfast Burrito with Meat & Cheese $5.99
Mountain Coffee (Green)$1.99
Chinavon Cginasnacks $4.24
French Vanilla Iced Coffee Cold$3.49
Breakfast Burrito with Bacon$3.74
Breakfast Toaster $4.36
Breakfast Burrito with Sausage Flavor $5.24
Iced Brew Cold Coffee$3.999

Final Thoughts

Sonic’s breakfast is a must-try for anyone looking for a quick and delicious meal to start the day.

With its extensive menu, variety of drink options, and convenient app,

For me it’s an easy choice for breakfast, especially on the weekends. Remember to check your local Sonic’s breakfast hours to ensure you don’t miss the window, and don’t forget to try some of the most popular items on the menu!

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