ABC Diet (Ana Boot Camp ): Is It Healthy?

The ABC Diet stands for Ana Boot Camp Diet, and it’s a bit different from your usual diet. It’s not about counting calories or measuring every morsel you eat, instead, it follows a specific schedule of calorie intake.

However, the ABC diet is not safe. It’s an extreme weight loss diet plan that’s not recommended by nutritionists.

On this guide, I’ll explain the basics of the ABC diet, its benefits, foods to eat, and providing a few important tips for anyone considering trying it. I will also share my personal experiences and recommendations. 

What is ABC Diet?

The full form of the ABC diet is the Ana Boot Camp Diet, developed by Robert S Wider. It is a type of diet system where the food names usually start with A, B, and C.

Although this diet system has been derided since its development, people have surprisingly benefited from it in terms of weight loss.

In the ABC diet plan, foods are generally divided into three categories: category A, category B, and Category C.

Asparagus, abalone, and apples are in Category A bean curd, bouillon, and beluga caviar are in Category B and celery, carrots, chard, and other items are in Category C.

This diet plan has a 50-day schedule that allows a person to consume only a set number of calories daily.

ABC Diet Meal Plan

I mentioned earlier that the ABC diet is a 50-day plan divided into 5 phases for easy understanding.

However, I’ll present the meal plan in a table below so that you can get a clear idea about the daily range and food intake rules of each phase:

PhaseCount of DaysDaily Calorie Intake
First 10 DaysDays 1-2Consume 500 calories per day
Day 3Reduce your calorie intake to 300
Day 4Increase calorie intake to 400
Day 5Limit your intake to just 100 calories.
Day 6Increase it to 200 calories.
Days 7-9Until you consume 500 calories daily, gradually increase your daily calorie intake by 100.
Day 10Skip all food and observe a fast for the entire day.
Day 11 to Day 20Day 11Start with 150 calories
Day 12Enhance your intake to 200 calories
Day 13Raise it to 400 calories
Days 14-16Reduce your daily calorie intake by 350, 250, and 200 over time.
Day 17Fast
Day 18Consume 200 calories 
Day 19Take 100 calories
Day 20Fast
Day 21 to Day 30Day 21Start with 300 calories and reduce by 50 calories daily until you only consume 50 calories daily.
Days 22-23Take in 100 calories.
Days 24-25Increase it to 200 calories
Day 26Take 300 calories
Day 27Consume 800 calories
Days 28-30End this phase with a full-day fast.
Day 31 to Day 34Day 31For the first two days, start with 250 calories and add 100 daily.
Day 34Fast on this day.
Day 35 to Day 50Days 35-50This is the longest phase. Cut that amount from 500 calories at the beginning by 50 calories every day until, on the seventh day, you are down to 200 calories.
ABC Diet

Benefits of the ABC Diet

  • Rapid weight loss 

The most significant benefit of the ABC diet is that it works as a perfect system for weight loss. It burns enough calories and stimulates the body to use pre-stored fat for energy.

Also, this diet plan can help reduce or prevent diabetes. In this case, adding or subtracting some foods may be necessary.

  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol

The focus on fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources naturally keeps saturated fat and cholesterol intake low.

  • Structured Eating Plan

The ABC Diet assigns calorie targets for each day of the week. It provides a structured eating plan. Some people like this strict regimen because it tells them exactly what and how much they can eat each day.

Of course, I appreciate this benefit, but you must remember that this diet plan is unhealthy. Moreover, your weight may come back after a certain diet period.

A Few Tips for a Successful Rollout

If you follow an ABC diet plan, I suggest you do it successfully. Therefore, I would like to share some tips here. Hopefully, you will definitely succeed in:

  • Follow the instructions carefully

Follow the diet chart mindfully to get maximum effectiveness.

  • Manage your portions

Pay attention to the portion of food you consume. Never take more than the prescribed amount.

  • Conscious eating

Consciously consume food, follow the chart, and enjoy every bite. Listen for cues when your stomach is full or empty.

  • Include physical activity

Regular exercise is necessary to make the diet plan successful. No doubt it will work to improve overall health.

  • Continue to be hydrated

Regardless of the amount of food you consume, it is essential to digest and metabolize it on time. You should drink enough water daily.

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Doing ABC Diet

I am almost sure that even after knowing everything, there are probably some tiny mistakes in your diet until you know them.

So, for added awareness, I would like to remind you of potential mistakes:

  • Combining fish and meat

Choosing food items rich in protein is essential. But never combine fish and meat as eating them together is out of this diet rule.

  • Taking outside of specified alcohol

Although alcohol consumption is allowed on this diet, it is limited to the prescribed few. Therefore, taking anything outside of this will spoil the diet. You can only drink a martini, whiskey, or dry wine.

  • Consuming food in large portions

Do not consume the amount of food given in the chart at one time. Instead, divide it into 5 to 6 portions and eat throughout the day.

  • Strenuous physical activity

Avoid strenuous physical activity. You already know that you will feel a little weak while on this diet plan. Furthermore, strenuous exercise during this time will weaken you even more.

  • Going to bed after meals

If you have such a habit, avoid it at least during diet periods. To facilitate digestion and metabolism, take a short walk after meals and then go to bed.

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ABC Diet

Unfavorable Reactions to the ABC Diet

Surprisingly, I have also found some serious risk factors or side effects that you should not avoid.

Your body will store more fat than before, and you will gain more than your lost weight.

One of the risk factors of the ABC diet is low blood sugar, which leads to low energy levels.

Besides, there is a risk of losing muscle mass because the body constantly lacks essential vitamins. The side effects are below:

  • Weakness feeling
  • Fatigue
  • Malnutrition
  • dizziness
  • Cortisol problems
  • Low blood pressure
  • Sleep problems and stress
  • Dysregulation of metabolism
  • Feelings of cold sensitivity

You can also consider trying different healthy diets, such as the BBBE diet or the Agoge Diet.

ABC Diet Food

While on the ABC diet, you need to eat healthy and definitely not processed foods. These include:

  • Peanuts 
  • Apples 
  • Chicken
  • Almonds 
  • Broccoli 
  • Oats
  • Tuna
  • Rice 
  • Pineapple 
  • Eggs 

It is recommended that you eat low-fat yogurt of your choice. You can have eggs without butter or oil.

Also, enjoy tuna, but don’t make a salad with it. Moreover, you can add any vegetables of your choice to the diet plan only when calories are required.

ABC Diet Before After Success Story 

People on the internet also share their weekly positive achievements of doing the ABC Diet. 

One example is Simon, who lost more than 30 pounds on the ABC Diet after years of yo-yo dieting. He credits the diet’s focus on protein and healthy eating for his success.

Another success story comes from Sarah, who lost 20 pounds on the ABC Diet and has kept it off for over a year. She says the diet helped her to develop healthy eating habits that she can stick with for the long term.

Is the ABC Diet Safe?

Generally, it is not safe. The ABC diet plan is not healthy as it causes several physical issues. This diet system reduces weight excessively and raises your calories to a dangerous level.

Therefore, I suggest consulting a healthcare professional before starting this diet plan. If he coveys that it is safe according to your health status, then carry on.

Wrap Up

So that’s it! The ABC Diet promises fast weight loss and a structured eating plan.

Some people have had success, but there can be negative reactions like weakness, fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies. The diet’s strict phases and calorie restrictions may cause the body to store more fat and lose muscle mass.

Personally, I recommend not using this diet.


How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Abc Diet

While the ABC diet promises rapid weight loss of 10-25 pounds, I strongly advise against it.

It’s extremely restrictive and dangerous, promoting unhealthy eating habits and potentially causing serious health problems.

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Matthew Solan

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