10 Healthy Sonic Drinks For Well-Maintained Diet

We all know that good nutrition is necessary for good health. But with so many fast food and restaurant options around, it’s easy to slip and indulge in an unhealthy drink or meal.

Then you ought to try Sonic’s range of healthy and refreshing beverages. Sonic has a variety of drinks that are low in calories, high in antioxidants, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

In this guide, we have listed ten healthy sonic drinks and their calorie counts that can fuel your body and please your taste buds!

What Is Sonic ?

Sonic is a fast-food restaurant that is considered the 11th largest restaurant in the USA.  Its branches are available in over 45 states in the USA.

Troy Smith is the founder of Sonic. And he founded Sonic in Oklahoma, USA, in 1953. 

Drinks produced at Sonic usually are popular due to their taste and reasonable price.

If you have diet concerns, you can choose its diet or healthy drinks. The healthy drinks at Sonic come with no excessive calories, carbohydrates, or sugar. 

Drinks at Sonic restaurant can be on your list when searching for a drink with low calories or sugar.

You must guess that healthy Sonic drinks can be your top support for a well-maintained diet. 

Types Of Sonic Drinks

Sonic offers six different categories of drinks where you can choose your preferred one. And these six beverage types are as follows-

  1. Limeades & Lemonades
  2. Slush
  3. Iced Tea
  4. Soft Drink
  5. Coffee
  6. Other

Since Sonic categorized its beverage into six different types, you can easily choose and order your most preferred drink that is completely sugar-free, low-calorie, and low-carbohydrate.

Amazingly, to get these healthy drinks, you no longer have to compromise the real Sonic drinks’ flavor and taste. 

Maximum Calories of Sonic Healthy Drinks

SpecificationsCalorie Level
SlushNo Calorie
Soft Drinks20 Calorie Max
Iced Tea25 Calorie Max
Limeades & Lemonades25 Calorie Max
Coffee10 Calorie Max

10 Popular Healthy Sonic Drinks

If you want to order a healthy or diet-friendly drink at Sonic, you must make your order following zero soda ingredients. Because zero soda is the basis for everything you order, fruit or sugar-free adds in.

Here are what you can consider the healthy drinks at Sonic-

1. Diet Limeades 

Healthy Sonic Drinks

One of the best Sonic drinks is the limeades. Although the limeade is sweetened with sugar, you can order it without sugar and make it low-calorie. 

You can either ask for this drink with artificial limeade juice or freshly squeezed lime juice.

When you want a freshly flavored limeade sonic diet drink, order your limeade with fresh lime juice.

This drink delivers low sugar, low carbohydrate, and also low calories. 

2. Diet Cherry Limeades 

Healthy Sonic Drinks

It’s perhaps the most famous Sonic drink considering its delicious taste. The perfect combination of savory and sweet flavor makes this drink reign supreme.

And this one is the best possible summer drink to make refreshments. However, this cherry limeade Somic drink is the ideal beverage for the whole year round.

It’s made with real cherry flavor with the base of sprite zero to keep the calories and carbohydrates down. 

If you want to minimize the calorie level even more than the Sonic does, ask to skip adding the cherries.

3. Iced Tea

Healthy Sonic Drinks

To replace the taste of slush or limeade, iced tea at Sonic can be the best option. It delivers sufficient flavonoids for a healthy diet.

Besides, it will develop your digestive capability and hydration.

Thus, if you don’t like the flavor of limeades, lemons, or any other flavor of slush like strawberry, order the iced tea at Sonic. 

4. Sonic Green Mountain Coffee

Healthy Sonic Drinks

Although coffee is full of caffeine, it offers various healthy compounds when it’s about Sonic Green Mountain coffee. Because it’s made of real and solid Green Mountain Arabica Beans. 

It keeps the nutrient value of hydrocinnamic acid and polyphenols. These two elements work separately to energize your body and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

So, drinking coffee at Sonic will help you reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, polyphenols, and cancer.  

5. Frozen Peach Tea

Healthy Sonic Drinks

Another popular healthy Sonic drink is the frozen peach tea of Sonic. It’s usually made of fresh frozen tea, water, and sugar.

Sonic frozen peach tea is full of minerals, potassium, and vitamins. Thus, it will help to prevent the arteries and develop the blood vessels’ integrity.

Furthermore, it will assist in stabilizing your electrolyte level, and lowering your blood pressure.

Also, it will contribute to decreasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

6. Diet Strawberry Slush 

Healthy Sonic Drinks

If you don’t like the flavor of cherry or limeades, try the diet strawberry slush at Sonic. It’s made of real ripped strawberries, lemon juice, and ice along with a little sugar.

It can be the best and tastiest healthy diet drink to get instant freshness and energy. 

7. Sprite Zero

Healthy Sonic Drinks

It’s an amazing and extremely diet-friendly drink at Sonic. Because it’s made of lime-flavored soda and lemon.

The sprite zero Sonic drink will quench your thirst with ease. This drink can be a perfect alternative for those who don’t like beverages made of lemonade. 

It will deliver low carbohydrates and calories. If you increase the taste, just ask to add some blackberry flavor to your Sprite Zero.

But ensure they add a sugar-free flavor. Adding this flavor will make your drink delicious.

8. Sonic Blast

Healthy Sonic Drinks

Sonic Blast is another top-notch healthy drink that you’ll get available in Sonic.  It’s usually a kind of milkshake made of the key ingredients of vanilla ice cream. 

When you’re in any branch of Sonic ordering the Sonic Blast, you can choose the toppings as per your taste and flavor. This Sonic Blast comes with a variety of toppings, for example-

  • Crushed Chocolates
  • Cookies
  • Peanuts, and many more

You can order your best taste and enlist this cold Sonic Blast in your list to brighten up your scorching summer days.  

9. The Sonic Slush of Red, White & Blue

Healthy Sonic Drinks

This amazing drink comes with three layers of red, white, and blue ingredients. It’s made of raspberry slush, vanilla-flavored ice cream, and strawberry toppings.

The combination of these three elements makes the eye-catchy three colored layers. 

Surprisingly, you can enjoy these three layers at three different times. There are no rules like you have to finish all three layers at a time. 

10. Watermelon Slush

Healthy Sonic Drinks

When you don’t like to have the apple-flavored slush, you can easily alternate it with the mouthwatering watermelon slush.

This Sonic slush comes with a tart and sweet flavor. It can be an ideal rainy evening.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. With these ten healthy drink options, you can indulge in your cravings and keep your health in check.

Just remember, moderation is key! Pair these drinks with healthy food and ensure you’re getting enough water daily to keep your body hydrated.

Matthew Solan
Matthew Solan

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