Sonic Breakfast Menu: New Price & Calories ( Updated )

Although Sonic is well known for its American classic drive-in meals, it’s also famous for its exclusive breakfast menu.

All types of breakfast items are available in Sonic restaurants. You’ll get everything from cinnamon rolls to a sandwich.

I personally prefer to start my day with Sonic breakfast on my busy days. And this practice helps me to be updated with all the latest additions to the Sonic breakfast menu.

You can check out my recommendation to brighten up your day with Sonic. I’ll be diving deep into the Sonic breakfast menu, highlighting some of the most popular items, their updated prices, and their calorie counts.

Sonic Breakfast Menu: 6 Top Ordered Dishes 

Breakfast items have several tastes and require different prices. Here’s the Sonic breakfast menu with price-

  1. Sonic Brioche Breakfast Sandwich 

This sandwich is a combination of melted American cheese and fluffy eggs. The name of this sandwich is Brioche because it’s served with Brioche buns.

However, you have options to customize its sauce items. The Sonic Brioche sandwich is well suited with bacon and sauces. 

It has a special combo offer and you’ll get a regular coffee and medium-sized tots un this combo offer.

I recommend you check out this combo offer if you are at Sonic for breakfast.  

  1. Sonic Cinnabon with Cream Cheese

It’s a sweet-flavored Sonic breakfast item with an exclusive filling inside. It’s served with a buttery pastry filling that makes the Cinnabon delicious. The cream cheese frosting works as the best topping to increase the taste and flavor. 

So, having this delicious breakfast will allow you to begin your day full of energy. 

  1. Sonic Breakfast Toaster

You must try the Sonic breakfast toaster if the crispy bacon, savory sausage, and fluffy eggs are your favorite.

The Sonic toaster is an extremely delicious light snack perfect for enlightening your day.

Like the brioche breakfast sandwich, the Sonic toaster is also available for a combo offer. In this combo package, you’ll get regular coffee, medium tots, and a medium soft drink. 

  1. Sonic Bacon Breakfast Burrito 

One of the most delicious Sonic breakfast items at Sonic is the Sonic Bacon breakfast burrito. It’s made with ham, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and melty cheddar cheese. 

This breakfast will enthusiast your sleepy mood within minutes because it’s made of tortilla with delicious filling inside. 

  1. Cold Ice Brew Coffee

Sometimes taking spicy fried foods seems boring, especially in the summer days.

On scorchy summer days, I prefer having a light breakfast. So, I go to Sonic and order my favorite cold ice brew coffee. It’s a super breakfast item to calm your brain in the hot weather. 

This cold brew isn’t made through heat on the stove or coffee maker. It’s made using direct ice and served with creamy toppings for an added taste.  

  1. Sonic Sausage Burrito

When you need something like a heavy meal before you step up your day, choose the Sonic Sausage burrito. It will strengthen you to work up to your lunchtime with full strength. 

Diced onions, fluffy eggs, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, golden tots, and chopped jalapenos to add heat are the main ingredients for this breakfast dish. 

These are wrapped in tortillas and served to the customer. Once you eat this Sonic breakfast, you’ll try it several times.  

sonic breakfast menu

Sonic Breakfast Menu Calories

Breakfast ItemCaloriesProtein (g)Carbohydrates (g)Fat (g)
Bacon Breakfast Burrito470253525
Bacon Breakfast Toaster520234329
Sausage Breakfast Toaster670254345
Sausage Breakfast Burrito500233530
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Burrito840304758
Sausage, Egg & Cheese CroisSONIC630213147
Bacon, Egg & Cheese CroisSONIC480193132
Figure: Table of Sonic Breakfast Menu Calories
sonic breakfast menu

Sonic Breakfast Menu With Prices 

Sonic Breakfast Items Price
Brioche Breakfast Sandwich $3.70
Cinnabon with Cream Cheese Topping$4.24
Sonic Toaster$2.90
Sonic Bacon Breakfast Burrito $3.74
Cold Ice Coffee$3.49
Sonic Sausage Burrito$5.24

Sonic Breakfast Times

Despite of long opening hours of Sonic, you won’t get the breakfast available after a certain tie of the day.

Sonic is open up to 1 am or more sometimes, this time is for lunch, dinner, and snack items. For breakfast, you must check out the Sonic breakfast hours or timing considering your location. 

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Wrap Up

In maximum time, whenever I go for travel, I used to visit Sonic for breakfast. Sonic Breakfast Menu is a perfect way to fuel your day and start your morning on the right foot.

The options available cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

So next time you’re on the go or need a quick breakfast fix, stop by Sonic Drive-in and try out their breakfast menu.

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John Harvey

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