11 Healthy Gas Station Drinks

We all know the feeling of being on a long road trip and desperately needing a refreshment, only to be bombarded with sugary sodas and artificial energy drinks.

Traditionally, gas stations aren’t known for their healthy drink options, but times have changed. Now, you can fuel your body with the same dedication as your vehicle.

In this article, I will discuss a variety of healthy drinks that you can find at gas stations. These drinks can boost your energy without harming your health.

About Healthy Gas Station Drinks 

The USA has around 64,176 gas stations which are popular and great destinations to stop while you are driving and grab a drink.

You will find Healthy drinks for quick relief from dehydration, which contain high protein, nutrients, and vitamins, and have low sugar at any gas station. 

You can save time by grab-and-go drinks, which allow you to reach a fully satisfied stomach at your destination.

Moreover, these drinks contain high protein, nutrients, and vitamins to impact your health while driving, such as: 

  • Refreshes your mood and mind
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Energize your body from long traveling.

11 Healthy Gas Station Drinks Which Are Worth Trying

There are never-ending options, but I have specifically mentioned some healthy gas station drinks worth trying. 

Healthy Gas Station Drinks

1. Black Coffee 

When you enter the gas station store, the first thing that hits your nose is the smell of hot coffee.

Some gas stations have proper coffee corners and serve premium quality that tastes slightly bitter.

You can ask for freshly brewed coffee with milk, sugar, or cream which helps you focus and concentrate for a longer drive. 

Pro Tip: Enjoy your black coffee with a punch of hazelnut syrup, which tastes heavenly and refreshes you. 

Healthy Gas Station Drinks

2. Ice Tea

You must try chilled iced tea to stay hydrated with a delicious taste, at the gas station. It’s an amazing drink to refresh yourself in summer when sweating makes it hard to stay hydrated.

Ice tea comes in a never-ending option; here are some varieties that I have mentioned below.

  • Green tea
  • Herbal tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Matcha tea

Pro Tip: Every tea has different ingredients and tastes, but you can add honey to pump the drink for healthy sweetness.  

Healthy Gas Station Drinks

3. Coconut Water 

I prefer to grab coconut water at gas station to stay hydrated as it’s a perfect drink with multiple health benefits.

It has a sweet and nutty flavor without any added additives, which refreshes your body and cools down on a screeching summer day.

Coconut water is a healthier alternative to other sugary drinks as it is 100% natural and tastes tempting. 

Pro Tip: Add strawberries to your coconut water for a refreshing and fruity drink. 

Pomegranate Juice in gas station

4. Pomegranate Juice

For a mid-day lift, the Pomegranate juice works perfectly for your long and tired road trip. This drink is ideal for gas station juice to keep you hydrated and nourished on the go and relax your muscles.

It tastes sour and sweet as it blends with low sugar and high minerals, making it a good alternative to keep your stomach full.

Pro Tip: Add a lemon slice or mix apple juice to your pomegranate juice to make it taste more delicious. 

5. Water

Water is the best option for hydrating your body to function properly, whether in hot or cold weather.

Fresh water is always available at gas stations in bottled water at a very reasonable price or as filtered water for free. Also, it wants zero calories or artificial ingredients but is mostly overlooked at gas stations.

Pro Tip: For fast hydration, you can add saline for sufficient energy.   

5. Flavored Water

High-sugar beverages are bad for you, so it is better to be health-conscious and try flavored water at a gas station.

Flavored drinks work best for hot weather as they have a natural flavor that tastes delicious and sweet without any additives.

You will get multiple options such as fruit, vegetables, and herbs without worrying about gaining calories.

Pro Tip: It’s best to drink your flavor with sparkling water, as you can enjoy it for longer.

Healthy Gas Station Drinks

6. Orange Juice

The Tangy and savory flavor of orange juice refreshes you in tired and boring driving.

This juice is low in sugar, enriched in vitamins and nutrients to boost your energy for the rest of the journey.

At the gas station, you will find 100% natural juice without any colored or added flavors in bottles or paper containers. 

Pro Tip: Put some salt in your orange juice as it helps to bring out the orange sweetness flavor.

Healthy Gas Station Drinks

7. Fruit Smoothies

Packed fruit smoothies are a healthy and refreshing way to beat the heat. You must try strawberry, banana, mango, and kiwi smoothies at the gas station.

The bursting savor of smoothies has milk, cream, and other natural ingredients blended, making the texture thick and offering you sweet flavors in each sip. 

Pro Tip: You can dip an energy bar or wafers in smoothies for an extra pump of taste.

Healthy Gas Station Drinks

8. Almond Milk

You can have almond milk even if you are not lactose tolerant or allergic to dairy items. It is made from ground almonds and water, a natural and healthy drink at a gas station.

The chilled nutty flavor and creamy texture are a healthy combination that helps you stay nourished and hydrated. 

Pro Tip: Ensure to check the ingredient label, as almond milk brands contain carrageenan is unhealthy.

Healthy Gas Station Drinks

9. Energy Drinks

Feeling sleepy or tired on the road can be very dangerous, so it’s best to pull over near a gas station and have an energy drink. You must grab a low-surgery and high-protein energy drink to hydrate your body and refresh your mood. 

Pro Tip: Energy drinks are high in caffeine, but you can balance them with water for excellent hydration.  

10. Vitamin water

Vitaminwater is an alternative to sugary drinks available at gas station stores with multiple healthy benefits.

Drink vitamin water to refresh yourself. It has fifteen flavors to choose from. The packaging is easy to grip.

It is light and refreshing, with no artificial colors or flavors, making it a perfect on-the-go drink.

Pro Tip: Crushing some mint in your vitamin water can refresh you and eliminate drowsiness. 

Protein Shakes

11. Protein Shakes

These nutrient-packed beverages are your ticket to attaining your fitness goals, whether building muscle or losing weight.

Basically, it offers a convenient and efficient method to meet your daily protein needs, contributing to a strong and robust physique.

Besides amplifying your workout results, protein shakes aid in speedy muscle recovery.

Pro Tip: While gas stations generally offer a variety of snacks and beverages, including some protein bars, they may not always carry protein shakes.

However, it’s worth checking the gas station’s convenience store or attached food mart to see if protein shakes are available.

Advantages of Healthy Gas Station Drinks

You must know the health factors about what you consume while traveling, so here I mention the benefits of the delicious drink you can have at the gas station. 

DrinksHealth Benefits
Vitamin C, vitamin B12, biotin, and folacinCalcium, magnesium, chloride, potassium, fluoride, and sodium
Flavor waterElectrolyte and Vitamins  
Ice TeaAntioxidants
CoffeeVitamin B2, vitamin B3, potassium and magnesium
Coconut water Potassium, magnesium, and calcium 
Pomegranate JuiceVitamin C and antioxidants
Orange juiceVitamin C and nutrients
Fruit SmoothiesHigh protein and fiber
Almond milkCalcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and protein
Energy Drinks Caffeine, taurine, and essential vitamins 
Vitaminwater Vitamin C, vitamin B12, biotin, and folacin

Final Thoughts Of Healthy Gas Station Drinks

So that’s it. People often ask me, “What drinks are healthy that you can get at a gas station.” And above, I mentioned the best healthy gas station drinks that boost your energy and refresh your mind.

However, some seemingly healthy drinks may still contain high amounts of added sugars or artificial additives.

I recommended choosing drinks with natural ingredients, minimal processing, and low or no added sugars.

These smart choices meet your hydration needs and fuel your body and brain for the road ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there low-calorie options among healthy gas station drinks?

Yes, many healthy gas station drinks are low in calories, especially those without added sugars. Look for beverages labeled as “light” or “unsweetened” for lower-calorie alternatives.

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